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Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 11:27:50 +0200
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Hello Hilary,

as far as I know Italvega only were sold in the U.S. Mine was bought in Germany, but I don't know wether it was new or used as the "uncle of my friends brother" (what a construction) got it about 25 Years ago. The chainstaybridge is really a special part, which I didn't find in any of the photos on the web. After Mark Agree's post I think I have to rename the thread into "Torpado, Italvega, Champion or Vittoria" ;-)

Thank you

Marc Oliver Künne, Wegberg, Germany

Hilary Stone schrieb:
> Your frame is exceptionally similar to the Italvega Superlight I have
> currently for sale (370067275982) - however were Italvegas actually
> sold in Germany or was it only an American brand? Was yours found in
> Germany? I had a Torpado Superlight earlier in the year that was from
> the late 70s that was very similar to the Italvega SL except that it
> had Campy short dropouts and a round chainstay bridge.
> Hilary Stone, Bristol, England
> Marc Oliver Künne wrote:
>> Whow that`s really great,
>> Thank you all for twisting your minds and the profound answers you gave.
>> I heard about the maillist and Mark Agree before I tried CR but what
>> I learned was more than I ever expected.
>> I was very happy if I could get some pictures because I'll try to do
>> the repaint in a nearly original style/colour.
>> It was also great if anyone could say something about the equipment.
>> Possibly I don't have to buy Campy Parts for it!?
>> If it's OK i'll send photos to you Mark Agree:
>> Thank you to all of you
>> schrieb:
>>> Marc sez:
>>> I bought a vintage bike, sold to me as a GIOS. Doing some research
>>> I found out that it may be either a TORPADO or a ITALVEGA. I`m not
>>> worried about that it si NOT a GIOS but for a proper restoration I
>>> need more information about built and year. It has some
>>> characteristcs of the "superlight" and some of the "super record".
>>> It is equipped with a Shimano Crane rear derailleur, Dura Ace 1st
>>> gen. front derailleur, crank set, headset and brakes/brake levers a
>>> 3ttt stem the 3ttt supperleggero handlebar, There are no Braze-on
>>> cableguides and the rear wheel space is 120mm.
>>> I was happy if anybody could help.
>>> Pictures are here:
>>> and here:
>>> Thank You
>>> Marc Oliver Kuenne, Wegberg, Germany
>>> Mark (Ritz) sez:
>>>> There are many similarities between the two brands, since they
>>>> were built in the same factory. My guess is Torpado, as the shape
>>>> of the stay caps looks a little different from the ItalVega
>>>> Superlight/Super Speciale as I remember it. The parts are
>>>> certainly not ItalVega specification. Mark Agree might be some
>>>> help. Mark, you out there?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Mark Ritz
>>>> In very smokey Arcata, California, USA
>>> I have been looking at Bulgier's catalog,and a scan of a negative
>>> that has my friends ca 1973 Superlight in it. The caps look like the
>>> 76 Superlight in Bulgier's catalog and my friend's Superlight to
>>> me. I think it is called a concave curve.
>>> BUT...over on BF, one of our fellow CR types pointed out the
>>> routing of the derailleur cables. They go under the BB. The
>>> sources I have show them over. Later year? When did the Italvega
>>> marque die?