Re: [CR]1973? Colnago Super - opinions on year?

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Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 09:10:37 -0500
From: "Angel Garcia" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]1973? Colnago Super - opinions on year?
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I think the latest feature on this bike is the club within the C on the downtube. I have a 73/74 and it doesn't have the clubs there, otherwise it appears to be the same.

Angel Garcia Long Valley, NJ

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 8:56 PM, David G. White <> wrote:
> I've just completed a rebuild on a 70s vintage Colnago Super, bought a few
> months back from a fellow who says he bought it as a bare frame, new, in
> 1979 or 1980 from a shop in Palo Alto, CA. He says the paint and decals are
> original. The details of the frame suggest 1973 to me, but many of you know
> far more than I do and I'd love to get your insights as to the year. Here's
> my analysis based on the info I've seen on the list in recent years:
> According to recent Colnago frame dating info that circulated on the CR
> list October 2007 the following are the years in which certain features
> first appeared:
> 1972 -- Cable guide braze-ons top of bottom bracket shell -- this one has
> this
> 1972 -- Water bottle braze-ons on downtube -- this one has this
> ----
> 1973 -- Wreath seat tube decal with Worlds band at top and bottom -- this
> one has this
> 1973 -- Fork crown with clubs on top but no holes in each side -- this one
> has this
> 1973 -- Fork tangs with club cutouts (or rarely two hole tangs or no tangs)
> -- this one has two hole tangs
> 1973 -- Club cutout in lower head lug only -- this one has this
> ----
> 1974 -- Shifter braze-ons on down tube (option before this) -- this one
> does NOT have this
> ----
> 1975 -- Vertical COLNAGO seat tube decal with diagonal Worlds band at top
> -- this one does NOT have this
> Assuming the above info is correct, then it can't be a 1972 since it has
> the wreath decal, the club cutout in the lower head lug only, and the fork
> crown with clubs on top but no holes in each side -- features that did not
> appear until 1973, yet can't be a 1974 because it does not have shifter
> braze-ons and can't be a 1975 because it does not have the vertical Colnago
> seat tube decal.
> Per a recent email I received from from John Murray, he believes that 1974
> and later bottom brackets have an oval cut-out on the bottom side of the
> downtube lug. Mine does not have such a cut-out, thus re-enforcing the
> notion that this is a 1973 frame.
> On the other hand Greg Softly says that on reproduction decals "...the
> wreath on the seat tube [is] outlined in black where the original was not
> outlined and not quite so 'busy' in design". Mine is outlined in black. So
> if Greg is correct, that suggests mine has been repainted and has
> replacement decals. Yet, there is no indication I can see that the paint is
> anything other than original.
> That's all I know folks! What year do you think this Colnago was made? I'd
> appreciate any insights you may have.
> See it here:
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> >
> Cheers!


> David


> David G. White

> Burlington, VT