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   Brian has some insightful things to say here. I felt there were no design features but he as a builder goes deeper
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For starters, all my frames are built using the propriatary Cinelli version of the Fischer sand cast BB shell and every framebuilding part that Cinelli made from bridges and other frame parts. The crown on many of them are also the propritary Masi Fischer crown which also only apprears on Cinelli Mod. B frames other than on Masis. I know for sure Masi was very sensitive about others "copying" his style and didn't want other builders using the parts that Cinelli and Masi had a lock on. Also many of the Montes are built using Cinelli lugs (the later ones).

If one builds contract bikes you generally use the parts you have easy access to; and Cinelli didn't spread certain things around until the time after IC parts become available. The Montes were built prior to the advent of widespread use of IC lugs and stuff. Aside from Colnago going to IC fork crowns in 1970, Cinelli was the first to offer IC lugs and BB shells to the general building public.

I would think it wouldn't be too difficult to research the question through Maaslands or something. If not Cinelli, I'd like to know exactly who else would have been close enough to Cinelli to get their hands on Cinelli materials to make frames. If I'm not mistaken, part of the deal was also that Vasco and Cino were friends; both being from Florence.


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I would like to believe it was built at C but what design points do you see, my own bike has no Cinelli design points that are visible . Contract built by the same contractor makes it a pretty thin thread. I know they are pinned but that was common, right?


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