[CR]Selling my classic bikes

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From: "Paul H" <jim@avradionet.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 03:47:55 -0800
Subject: [CR]Selling my classic bikes

I'm selling my classics before a move:60cm Ouellette 531 NR $650.00 silver/ chrome60cm Celmins 531 NR $450.00 Beautiful build, 1980's Dura Ace downtu be 7 spd. smoke silver61cm Mondia Super GS $350.00. silver-blue62cm Motobec ane Grand Jubilee. Nervar crank, Huret Jubilee rr derail. $300.00 silver & red61cm? old Faggin frameset 531 $100.00. bronze.21" Raleigh Pro MkIII (r ack eyelets) mostly NR 165mm cranks. 1972. Japanese 27" wheels. $350.00 bro wn mink22" 1980's Japanese Schwinn, Campy Chorus 7 spd downtube. $275.00 black repaint. Park industrial two-arm shop workstand with iron base: $250 locals only.Can
   ship any bike for $60.00 anywhere except Maine or other edge-of-map locati on. Frame only shipping $40.00 Come pick up if you can. I'm in the lower Sa n Gabriel's near Wrightwood & Mountain High Ski Resort. Wishing You a Happy & Prosperous 2009! Jim Hultman31850 St. Anne Dr.Llano , CA 93544 mojavepilot@hotmail.com _________________________________________________________________ Send e-mail anywhere. No map, no compass. http://windowslive.com/oneline/hotmail?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_WL_hotmail_acq_anyw here_122008