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Jerry_ After exhausting all other methods to remove a tight FW, including wheel collapse, you can cut it off. Remove the outer half of the body and then use a die grinder/Dremel and grind a section as thin as you can with out catching too much of the hub's thread. Sometimes only one thin spot is needed as it might crack through when a pipe wrench is used (if the wheel is still stable). I saved a Phil tandem hub last winter by doing this. I distorted two FW tools and experienced major spoke wind up (all 48) during the attempts. I decided that the hub and rim were worth more then the Sachs FW body.

Andy Stewart Raleigh, NC
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> When disassembing the Romic touring bike I was unable to remove the
> SunTour FW from the very nice Sunshine ProAm rear hub. I really want to
> use the original wheels, but want to change FW size.
> I tried the huge crescent wrench and even clamping the remover in a bench
> vice and turning the wheel. Also applied Kroil, even though Kroil has yet
> to free up anther stuck FW in about three months of trying. I even heated
> the FW with a propane torch, no luck. I applied the heat to the inner cog
> of the FW, but so far haven't heated the alloy hub flange directly. Dare
> I apply the flame to the hub, or will aluminum alloy melt at that
> temperature? Any other secret ticks? Coca-Cola? Ammonia? I've removed
> FWs with stripped notches before by removing the outer body and clamping
> the inner FW body in a bench vice, which of course destroys the FW. I'd
> be willing to sacrifice the FW, but I don't think this would help, as the
> bench vice isn't working with the remover clamped in it, so I think
> tearing down the FW might only make things worse.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, Texas, USA