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In advance of our impending relocation out to the Left Coast, I am offering up a few items in advance of posting same for sale on eBay (...you are encouraged to check my feedback in that other forum under the seller id name "57103"). Interested parties should please correspond directly and "OFF LIST" through my public email address of rsb000(AT)hotmail.com (...where that trio of numerals would be zeros and NOT the letter "O"). All inquiries will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Due to time constraints on my part, detailed photographs of the individual items are NOT available at this time (...and for this I apologize). However, descriptions for the various "FOR SALE" items have been posted to WoolJersey (...see link below) and I strongly encourage everyone to carefully review same in order to make a thoroughly informed purchasing decision. You are also invited to review any of those other "FOR SALE" items not itemized herein but which do appear on WoolJersey. If you have any question as to whether an item is still available for sale, PLEASE CHECK FIRST USING THE FOLLOWING WOOL JERSEY LINK as I will be marking items "SALE PENDING" when someone agrees to their purchase and then mark them as "SOLD" upon actual receipt of payment:

http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/broderir/For-Sale/Parts+For+Sale+-+01 -07 -09.jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1

All prices quoted herein do not include shipping and/or insurance which will be done at cost. I would be happy to aggregate shipping expenses on multiple items destined for the same physical mailing address where practicable. PayPal is preferred, but I also accept payment by cashier's check, money order, or well concealed cash (...mailed at your own risk). Your satisfaction is guaranteed to the extent that you are welcome to return all or part of any purchase for a full refund of monies not to include shipping and/or insurance provided that said merchandise is returned to me in a reasonably timely fashion and that it is in substantially the same condition as when I first sent it out to you (...please let me know in advance of your intentions should this prove to be the case).



ITM 300 series stem - Clear anodized aluminum alloy - 22.2 mm quill - 26.0 mm Italian size clamp - 100 mm length - single bolt hidden non-quick release on its underside - height adjustment scale (metric) along side of quill - model 300/100 ... [Used - from a functional standpoint, this ITM stem will work just fine - cosmetically, I would consider it to be in above average condition with definite evidence of use - there are several "rub" marks and a few light scratches to its anodized finish, but nothing particularly unseemly above the minimum insertion line - both the quill bolt and clamp bolt exhibit evidence of chamfering at their hex head, but not enough in either case to compromise utility - all in all, this is a perfectly good stem and a "give away" price] - $10.00 USD plus S&H at cost

3ttt Record stem - Clear anodized aluminum alloy - 22.2 mm quill - 26.0 mm Italian size clamp - 115 mm length - single bolt non-quick release - mid through late 1970's first edition with 3ttt logo over "ITALY" - model Record 1A style ... [NOS with minor cosmetic issues - while this may truly be an unused and unmounted piece of hardware, there are a few very small aesthetic imperfections worth mentioning for the sake of full disclosure including a slight "rub" across the face of the stem and a couple of blemishes that are less than the size of a pin head along its neck - honestly, most folks would probably not even care about these "issues", but they certainly did matter with respect to the particular project for which I originally purchased this stem and I eventually came across a suitable replacement - if one seeks perfection, you could always strip away the anodized finish with some Jestco remover and then re-anodize the part (...of course, it won't be NOS anymore) - in any event, for the price I am asking here one might have a difficult time purchasing NOS 3ttt quill and clamp bolt hardware alone on the likes of eBay - it has also been my experience that these mid to late 1970's first edition 3ttt Record 1A style stems are notoriously difficult to find (...the early 1980's second edition with the 3ttt logo having "ttt" encapsulated in an oval, not so much)] - $20.00 USD plus S&H at cost


MAVIC 500 RD front hub - quick release / small flange design - forged 2014 aluminum alloy bodies without anodized finish - 2030 aluminum alloy axles - post 1981 and pre 1991 without White on Black "MAVIC" logo and model designation band on the "off" side of the hub body - annular sealed bearings - 36h front hub (100 mm spacing) - model 500 RD ... [NOS with minor cosmetic issues - if you inspect this component carefully, you will find a tiny marking along the top of the non-drive side flange as well as another at the extremity of the drive side housing near where the end cap is fitted (...I just KNOW that some smart-aleck is going to write in saying, "this is a front hub, so there is no 'drive' versus 'non-drive' side", to which I would reply "au contraire" as the MAVIC logo along the barrel of the hub should properly be oriented so that it is readable from the riding position in concert with any rear hub for which this same perspective is mandated by virtue of its design where the freewheel threads need face right) - in both instances, these minor flaws will be all but impossible to discern once this hub is built up, and in no way will their presence affect performance - the original MAVIC 500 RD hubs were introduced in late 1978 for the 1979 model year and were thereafter produced in an unaltered state through 1991 - with respect to MAVIC front hub offerings, the model 500 RD differed from the 550 RD version which debuted sometime around the year 1982 only in that it had a natural alloy finish which could be polished to near mirror shine whereas the 550 RD had a protective anodized surface treatment on its housing and a similarly anodized axle] - $25.00 USD plus S&H at cost

MAVIC 500/550 RD (steel) quick release mechanisms - C.P.S.C. compliant curved release handles - chrome plated steel end caps and knurled adjusters - stainless steel skewer rods - 100 mm spacing (front) / 126 to 130 mm spacing (rear) - model 500/550 RD ... [Used - in excellent state with only a hint of use to be found at the end caps on the QR side (...very minor, with the worst being two miniscule areas of chrome loss each smaller than the size of a pin head on the front mechanism) - both the MAVIC 500 RD and 550 RD hubsets from 1978 through at least 1991 were made available having a choice of either aluminum capped quick release mechanisms or durable chrome plated steel versions as offered here] - $20.00 USD plus S&H at cost Gran Prix (titanium) quick release mechanisms - pre 1978 non-C.P.S.C. compliant straight handles - Commercially Pure (CP) titanium end caps, release levers, and knurled adjusters - CP titanium skewer rods - 100 mm spacing (front) / 126 to 130 mm spacing (rear) ... [NOS - a rather unusual French item where all of the individual piece parts are comprised of CP titanium - the whole ensemble (...front and rear) weighs in at a tidy 98 grams - when I originally acquired these, the rear skewer rod had a slight bend to it and I have carefully removed this so that the assembly now slides effortlessly through a hub axle (...gotta love that soft CP titanium) - sorry, no springs were originally supplied with these QR mechanisms and that is the way they are being offered for sale here] - $30.00 USD plus S&H at cost

O.M.A.S. knurled adjuster ends for quick release mechanisms - aluminum alloy composition - natural Silver finish ... [Used - fair to good condition with definite signs of use but absolutely no "road rash" - missing their "D" ring handles] - $2.00 USD for the pair plus S&H at cost

Zeus 2000 titanium front and rear axles - 6Al-4V Grade 5 alloyed titanium composition (...6% aluminum and 4% vanadium with the remaining 90% being titanium, or roughly three times stronger than pure titanium) - matched pair includes model 48013.00 front hollow axle (108.25 mm total length) and model 48014.06 rear hollow axle (129.75 mm total length) ... [NOS - suitable for use with Zeus 2000 hubsets as well as various other manufacturer offerings such as Campagnolo (...Record, Super Record, C Record, and early Athena or Chorus), OFMEGA (...Competizione), and quite possibly more, to affect a standard 100 mm front and 120 / 122 mm rear OLD (i.e. standard five speed or narrow six speed freewheel spacing) - an eminently suitable although not necessarily cheap upgrade for that vintage weight weenie project] - $70.00 USD plus S&H at cost


Maillard 700 - 12/18 (12-13-14-15-16-17-18) standard 7 speed for use with 132 mm OLD rear hub spacing (...although I have been able to sneak these into 126 mm dropouts on occasion depending upon wheel dish and certain other frame particulars) - 2 notch removal interface - 1.370" x 24 TPI English thread - 3x1x1x2 stepped body - three notch slip fit cogs / dual threaded locking cogs / duplex threaded cog pair - model 700 Compact ... [NOS - an early 1980's era freewheel exhibiting a classic "corn cob" racing configuration - the cogs themselves have been assembled "dry" and "loose" for purposes of long term storage (...i.e. without benefit of anti-seize compound which I would HIGHLY recommend for those four threaded cogs prior to actual use) - absolutely perfect condition and most suitable for your "high zoot" show bike] - $25.00 USD plus S&H at cost

Everest SuperNova - 13/19 (13-14-15-16-17-18-19) standard 7 speed for use with 132 mm OLD rear hub spacing - 22 mm splined removal interface - 1.375" x 24 TPI Italian thread - 5x2 stepped body - ten notch slip fit individual cogs with aluminum spacers / duplex threaded locking cog pair - model SuperNova ... [NOS - a mid to late 1980's vintage freewheel having matte Silver finish cogs that give the appearance of being alloy when in fact they are crafted from durable steel - a somewhat rarely seen bit of Italian kit - never disassembled - absolutely flawless original condition] - $30.00 USD plus S&H at cost

Maeda / SunTour New Winner - 13/21 (13-14-15-16-18-21) narrow 6 speed for use with 120/122 mm or 126 mm OLD rear hub spacing - 2 notch removal interface - 1.370" x 24 TPI English thread - 4x2 stepped body - four notch slip fit cogs with spacers / individually threaded cogs - model NWN 6S-S .. [Excellent used condition - nominal wear to the individual teeth - thoroughly disassembled and serviced - the cogs themselves have been reassembled "dry" and "loose" for purposes of long term storage (...i.e. without benefit of anti-seize compound which I would HIGHLY recommend for those four threaded cogs prior to actual use) - a great range of very usable gears in a vintage freewheel] - $15.00 USD plus S&H at cost


MAVIC 820 - shift control levers - braze-on mount - retro-friction type design - aluminum alloy composition with anodized clear coat - model 820 .. [Used - perfectly functional, but a tad cosmetically challenged - there are a couple of light abrasions to be found along the outside edge of the right lever handle and the retaining / adjusting screws on both sides have a degree of chamfering and oxidization to be found on their slotted heads - suitable for braze-on mounting or even clamp-on if you adapt them to something along the lines of a Simplex Prestige or Criterium downtube clamp (...see below if you need one) - generally acknowledged as the best down tube friction shifters ever marketed to the general public, the version seen here are basically post 1977 "open hoop" second edition Simplex Super Lucien Juy (SLJ) retro-friction alloy shift levers absent the word "SIMPLEX" which would normally have been proudly emblazoned across their facing - in actuality, Simplex licensed these units for OEM use in conjunction with several other component manufacturer and/or manufacturer group offerings such as those once sold under the brands Spidel, Galli, Gipiemme, OFMEGA, and in this particular instance, MAVIC] - $30.00 USD for the pair plus S&H at cost

Simplex SLJ downtube shift lever clamp for twin control levers - down tube mount - 28.6 mm chrome plated steel clamp - 1972 through 1982 or 1983 "starburst" logo - model 3604 L ... [NOS - this is the clamp, and only the clamp (...well, actually it does come with the securing nut and bolt - but nothing else) - use this to mount a set of Simplex SLJ or even Criterium shift levers as originally intended ... or .you can use it to adapt a set of otherwise braze-on mount first or second edition retro-friction shift levers for use on a frameset not having downtube shifter boss mounts] - $5.00 USD plus S&H at cost


Huret lower pulley wheel - "toothless" style - Black Delrin - ball bearings - adjustable races - model 2140 ... [NOS - original equipment as found on Huret Jubilee, Challenger II, Success, Super Success, Doupar, and Duopar Eco rear derailleurs - two available] - $5.00 USD each plus S&H at cost


Modolo Speedy brakeset - 42 mm to 55 mm "short reach" alloy calipers - non-recessed acorn nut mount - C.P.S.C. compliant quick release mechanisms comprised of a technopolymer eccentric - Black anodized cable barrel adjusters - wire formed steel wheel guides - block lettered "MODOLO" logo on the right side of the caliper arms with scripted "Speedy" marking on the left side - arched triangular cross-section or first generation "aero" profile caliper arms - original and conventional style rubber and NOT sinterized brake pads - traditional non-aero cable routing - Silver colored non-anodized alloy lever bodies - "drillium" style Silver colored anodized alloy levers with horizontally milled slots - vertical block lettered "MODOLO" logo on facings of the lever arms - model Speedy : Modolo gum hoods - post 1981 anatomic profile - model 919 ... [NOS caliper arms with Used hardware / NOS brake levers and hoods - from a standpoint of both function and aesthetics, these are as close to NOS as you are ever likely to find in a brake caliper / lever combination without actually being so because, quite frankly, all but a few bits on the calipers themselves (...brake shoes and pads, QR levers, and cable barrel adjusters - each of which are pristine and proper original Modolo parts - just ever so slightly "used" ones) are indeed NOS - this particular brakeset dates from 1982 or 1983 specifically if you are a stickler for that type of detail (...earlier versions used a slightly different cable barrel adjuster, brake lever blades, and had their "SPEEDY" logo cast into the caliper arms whereas later versions came with sinterized pads, yet a different brake lever blade, and used a "block letter" instead of "script" logo along the facing of their caliper arms) - should one need to convert these calipers from a non-recessed acorn nut mount to a recessed Allen nut style mount, this can easily be accomplished by exchanging the brake center bolts and attendant hardware - from a performance standpoint, this brakeset is certainly more than adequate as it stands - but given only the slightest of modifications (...replace those three plastic fiber washers found along the center bolt in the caliper arms with thin stainless steel versions which can be found at almost any good hardware store and then swap out the standard brake pads for a set of Scott Mathauser or Kool Stop iron oxide compound pads which will need to be custom profiled on their ends so as to accommodate the stock Modolo brake shoes) it can be made to perform on par with the very best from that era - as for the relative "value" of the deal I am offering, consider the fact that NOS Modolo 919 anatomic profile brake hoods often sell on eBay for roughly the same price as what I am asking for this entire brakeset which INCLUDES those very same NOS brake hoods] - $40.00 USD plus S&H at cost

Campagnolo Record brake lever blades - post 1973 "long arm / short reach" alloy levers with "rounded point" profile and "U" shaped cable relief opening - pre 1983 cable holder ends marked "BREV. CAMP." - model 2032 / 2035 ... [NOS - absolutely perfect condition - ready to either replace a scuffed up pair ... OR ... to be held in abeyance for whenever the unfortunate but often times inevitable occurs - a decidedly economical alternative to consider as opposed to replacing one's entire brake lever assemblies] - $45.00 USD plus S&H at cost

Dia-Compe - front brake cable hanger - headset mount - chrome plated steel - alloy cable adjuster with lock nut - integrated quick release mechanism - model 1254 ... [NOS / NIP - an elegant solution for the problem of how to easily release your center pull brake caliper in order to remove the front wheel - a difficult to find part in perfect condition] - $10.00 USD plus S&H at cost


Campagnolo Record pedals - quill style - Cr/Mo spindles - alloy spindle housings with chromed steel cages - integrated toe strap loops - chromed steel dust caps - 9/16" x 20 TPI thread - model 1037 : Christophe Special - toe clips - size Large (65 mm long) - chrome plated steel - pre 1978 stylized logo - model 50s (Special) : Christophe - leather straps (White) - post 1975 printed not embossed logo (Black) - metal buckles - plastic pinch rollers - model 514 ... [Very lightly Used pedals and clips with NOS toe straps - here you have a pair of absolutely gorgeous Record road pedals (...1960's to early 1970's with the coveted integrated strap loop) and period appropriate "old logo" Christophe toe clips with slightly later Christophe straps - while not new and unused, this entire ensemble is truly exquisite - the 1037 pedals themselves are in pristine condition with only the tiniest mark to be found at the outside tip of the quill on the right hand pedal - otherwise, they are unblemished (...no cleat wear, no contact scrapes, no abrasions to the top of the cages where one's feet rest, the chrome steel dust caps are perfect, the spindle threads are crisp, the bearings spin as new, more you could not ask for in a "used" vintage pedal) - the pre 1978 Christophe toe clips have only recently been mated to these particular Campy pedals, but they are in very fine state in their own right - there are a few micro-fine scratches in evidence as well as a couple of pinhead sized areas of chrome loss (...most noticeably, at the end of the strap loop where the clip abrades on the top of one's foot while riding) - however, from a distance of a foot or more, one would be hard pressed to notice these minor imperfections (...your mileage and eyesight may vary) - and finally, the Christophe toe straps are NOS items which I have installed with an appropriate "racer's twist" through the backside of the pedals so as to minimize any lateral movement during use - short of that designated "wall hanger" of a show bike assembled by an anal retentive perfectionist demanding nothing but hand selected NOS componentry (...hey, I occasionally represent that remark), this particular pedal / clip / strap combination is sure to suit the most discriminating buyer's needs - the ONLY reason I am offering them up for sale at this point in time is that they have been sitting fallow in my spares collection for several years now and I cannot seem to find a proper use of them: they are not quite NOS perfect for "show only" designation, and yet they are far too nice for me to justify throwing them onto any old bike and riding them into the ground] - $175.00 USD plus S&H at cost


Selle San Marco saddle - White smooth leather cover - copper rivets along rear cantle plate - 150 mm wide base at the rear - first edition with cast aluminum frame and rails - adjustable tension screw - closed cell micro fiber padding - model Regal Girardi ... [NOS - absolutely lovely un-mounted and un-ridden original condition ... BUT ... the little brass badge which reads "REGAL" and "Girardi" which is normally found on the facing of the right rear frame rail mount is missing (...do not ask me how this occurred, as I never noticed its absence until just now - but you can always remove said badge from an another "beat up" or "donor" saddle and glue it onto this one such that no one will thereafter be the wiser) - while it is true that Regal saddles are still being manufactured and that one can typically be purchased "brand new" for anywhere from $100.00 to $125.00 USD, these modern offerings are decidedly different than the original version which debuted back in 1984 - rather than having traditional tubular shaped rails as found on the current editions, the earliest examples, such as the one being offered for sale here, featured a cast alloy undercarriage where the rails are decidedly not round, but rather somewhat flattened with bulging sides - the caveat is that these first edition models will NOT work with all types of seat post clamps (...at least not without slight modification to those clamps which cannot otherwise accommodate the unique rail profile) nor does it allow as much fore and aft movement when compared to later versions - first edition Regal Girardi saddles also have decidedly different markings at their nose and both lower skirts - if you seek absolute period authenticity for your mid 1980's vintage bicycle, however, then this is the one you are looking for (...and these earliest Regal Girardi saddles are now VERY difficult to source in NOS condition)] - $100.00 USD plus S&H at cost

3ttt Criterium 78 saddle - nylon plastic (Rislan or Nylon-11, a trademark product of the Rislan Corporation) shell - microcellular open pore foam padding - Black smooth finish calf skin cover - steel frame rails - model Criterium 78 ... [NOS / NIP - the Criterium 78 model has a profile which is identical to that of the 3ttt Competizione Superleggero, but it is constructed using a more traditional calf leather and standard steel rails as opposed to the exotic seal skin cover with lightweight alloy rails found on its upscale cousin - the result is that the Criterium 78 tips the scales at 425 grams (...similar to a leather covered Cinelli Unicanitor # 4), which makes it both durable and suitable for use as a designated "ride'em" saddle on any number of late 1970's through mid 1980's period bicycles - discrete yellow / gold 3ttt logo on both side skirts as well as along the backside of this saddle - an excellent value for the monies sought in exchange] - $35.00 USD plus S&H at cost Ideale No. 2 saddle clamp - single rail per side configuration - adapts most saddles for use with traditional 7/8" straight pin seat posts - model No. 2 .. [NOS - original equipment for Ideale series 2000 saddles (. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004) as well as others - zinc plate finish - remnants of which I presume to have been a sales tag on its facing, which should clean off nicely (...but it is up to the buyer to spend the time and effort, so it has been priced accordingly)] - $7.00 USD plus S&H at cost


3ttt Criterium seat post - one piece cast construction with fluted shaft and "limit line" - T6 heat treatment with polished finish - Black anodized head and decorative flutes - one bolt single pivot clamp - 25 mm offset - 180 mm x 26.2 mm - model Criterium RSCAL ... [NOS seat post itself with extremely clean but Used clamping hardware - these seat posts offer a simple and yet incredibly secure single bolt micro adjusting pivot clamp - the only potential drawback with respect to consideration for selection might be the fact that these 3ttt Criterium seat posts from the early 1980's were only produced in a single overall length of 180 mm and are, therefore, inappropriate for applications requiring a taller post - in this particular instance, I basically robbed this otherwise NOS component of its clamping hardware to use on the 27.2 mm version of same currently installed on my Pino Morroni thereafter substituting the lightly used bits from that other post (...you will NEVER be able to tell the difference once you mount a saddle onto it) - use a standard 1 mm shim to adapt this 26.2 mm seat post to a more common 27.2 mm application]- $15.00 USD plus S&H at cost


Specialites T.A. - combination seat post binder bolt and rear brake cable hanger - chrome plated steel - 8 mm diameter - 5 mm Allen key release - model 368 ... [NOS / NIB - a clever, simple, and not too oft found these days solution to properly routing the rear brake cable on bicycles having center pull or cantilever style brake calipers - replace your typical style of seat post binder bolt with this component and thereafter adjust the angle of your brake cable routing to best suit your circumstance] - $25.00 USD plus S&H at cost

Huret - twin control cable guide / stop - 28.6 mm clamp sizing - chrome plated steel - cable guide for rear derailleur / cable stop for front derailleur - model 1846 ... [NOS - apropos your 1950's through early 1970's bicycle - includes mounting bolt and nut - perfect and unblemished condition - two available] - $5.00 USD each plus S&H at cost

AFA - pump holder - upper (umbrella style) - chrome plated steel - made in France ... [Used - such pristine condition that this piece might well be able to pass for "brand new" were it not for a hint of chamfering to the slot of the mounting screw which prevents such deception - includes original mounting hardware (...obviously)] - $1.00 USD plus S&H at cost

Rhode Gear Flick Stand - an ingenious device that helps prevent unintended and damaging parking spills - suitable for use on bicycles having a down tube measuring between 1 and 1 1/8 inch diameter - black plastic mount with choice of two differently sized wire tire clamps (...a very handy option not found on earlier editions) - model FS2000 - [NOS / NIB - a practical retro chic 1970's accessory] - $15.00 USD plus S&H at cost


Robert "purveyor of ponderous prose and the occasional bicycle bit" Broderick ..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA