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Hello Dale,

They also brought in the Masi Prestige on a very limited basis. If I correc tly recall, when I inquired about purchasing a frame, they refused to sell- I think because of a conflict with Cal Masi. I still have one of their catalogs.

David Martinez
Fremont Ca
US of A

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<< Vittorio,A.A. (Rhode Island)>>

Now defunct bike shop and, for a relatively short time, importer of Grandis .

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Lou Deeter's excellent bike guide lists Vittoria as from Italy (and no othe r info), Vittorio as being out of the Netherlands, and also has a Vittorio, A.A. (Rhode Island).

I suspect Lou's guide is the most complete list available??? or is there something else like it around?

Angel Garcia Long valley, NJ

Hi Listers, Many years ago, I think it was around 1970 ~ 71 my dad presented me with a frame which as far as I can remember was a 'Vittorio' or it might have been Vittoria?..............has anyone heard of such a brand name? The frame itself was lugged, probably Prugnat 'S' type, but as the frame was way too small for me I didn't keep it long, however if I ever get my old movie film devoloped onto DVD I do recall some brief footage of me in a 25mtt riding the bike [with a extra long seat post!]

Actually, I now remember other desireable bikes that I no longer have but are on film, for example my Kawasaki lime green EG Bates [sprayed up as Bob Jackson the colour was copied from a Jackson frame we had made for Ian Hallam] complete with Record no name brakes, 151 bcd chainset, and the first gen Superlegiri pedals without the reinforcing webbing on the plates.

Anyway, getting back to my original question.....any thoughts on Vittorio frames would be welcome.

Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater. Somerset. UK