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Oh well! Could I have confused it with a new one in Miami?

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Doug wrote: << ....though there is one in Atlanta now as well. >>

It's been there for quite a while. I road it in 1973-6 (!) ... although of late, not doing well at all and in danger, last I heard.  (Folks from Atl anta area can chime in here.)

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina  USA

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I'm theorizing here, but I think there is a connection between urban/Europe

an immigrants and track racing in both the US and Australia. Both had large

Italian and E european immigration waves at similar times, and crowded urb

an living probably favored track over road racing....track racing was prima

rily an urban sport, I think. I grew up in Louisville, KY where there was e

asy access to rural roads (THe Louisville Wheelmen have been active since t

he 1880s) but there were, I think, two tracks, a permanent  out door one

at a local amusement park  (Fountaine Ferry) and an indoor one at the old

Armory. Both were gone by the time I started cycling in the late 60's.

I have a track bike now, and may try to ride in Indy during the Bike Show i

f it isn't too cold. Major Taylor (outdoor) velodrome is, I think, the clos

est track to me now..though there is one in Atlanta now as well.

Doug Wagner

Richmond,KY US


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