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Alright! You made it over here. You will find this list and these people are REALLY into classic and vintage bikes. Stick around. You are the ki nd of person who has lots to give in experience and experiences that wil l contribute to the already high quality of this list! Glad you made it. Thank you Peter!

You will be able to meet a lot of these people if you come to the San Di ego Custom Bicycle Show here in also sunny California, "Land of the Frui ts and Nuts" as they say. ;-) Maybe you can take a look at my Bentley wh ile you're here. Most of my car is in boxes right now, but soon the work will begin. I'll bet you have some really nice vintage Porter bikes and stuff that would compliment our vintage displays at the show in additio n to some of your outstanding current work. Hope your are still plannin g to make it out here in April. I'd love to meet you in person!

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- Dave Porter wrote:

Hello from sunny New Mexico, the Land of Entrapment. I saw your list today (blame Peter Weigle) and had to join after Dale se t me straight on the how to. I'm a nearly 40 year veteran of frame building and an ex-bike shop owne r (good riddance retail!) I hope that after reading the rules I can behave myself and stay abreas t of the classic stuff you all enjoy. I only have one classic bike, a 1927 BSA which belonged to Franco Georg etti and was raced at Madison Square Garden in the 20's. I was very close to Pino Morroni for many years and miss him dearly. We

shared many secrets and both had O.S.C.A. (Maseratti) powered race cars.

My frames have garnered over 150 National records and a couple world records. One has held the National 40K TT for nearly 20 years (47:35- Jo hn Frey) I had a bill passed in NM which allows true pari-mutuel style Keirin racing, but the Feds have us stymied due to the Professional and Amateur

Sports Protection Act. Long story, it's somewhere in the blog if you're bored some day... I'm married, have two Rottweiler's and am 58 years old. I was badly bur ned in a shop fire here in 2007 and lost an eye. I'm 95% recovered and back to work full time. I mostly restore old foreign sports cars from the 50's-6 0's. Hope I can add to the mix and I'll keep my politics on my blog Comments and questions welcomed. Cheers, Dave

Porter Customs 2909 Arno NE Albuquerque, NM USA 87107 505-352-1378 1954 BN2 1959 AN5 Porter Custom Bicycles

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This blue, yellow, and chrome italian bike (BICI DA CORSA MUCELLI) has a 2-cog freewheel (almost like a tandem stoker gear) embedded in the right chainstay, which splits into 2 parallel plates and back at the midpoint.

I can imagine that, although it presently uses the same number (28:28?) of teeth for the 2-speed freewheel, it was probably designed to be used with either a 2:1 or 1:2 gear, maybe 14-28 or 28-14, so that you could have a tremendously low or tremendously high 5-speed geartrain on the bike.

The bike appears to be 52T front and 14-26T in the rear (roughly). That would be a 54-100 gear, in inches. With a change of 'stoker' cogs, you might get 26-50 gear inches, or 108-200 gear inches, and the later would be unheard of, on all but bonneville land-speed record bikes. Those land-speed record bikes have a similar drivetrain, and I have seen them put the reduction gear up by the seat cluster.

- Don Gillies
San Diego, CA, USA