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I'm with Nick on this one. I see no aesthetic quality difference between this Masi's features (frame construction, lugs, cutouts, etc.) and any other I have sen posted here. The color, on the other hand, is not exactly "classic," IMHO. (I like both blue and plum/ purple, but would never have chosen that color combination for any repaint.) But I am neither as informed about nor as devoted to Masi bikes compared to many on this list. (Like most Italian frames, their top tubes are woefully inadequate for my torso length.)

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> Hmm, I always thought the M was cast into those Bottom Bracket
> Shells, sans black or decker. But the color is hideous. Scott
> Davis in Saint Anthony, Minnesota USA
> Dale, that Masi looks just like any other to me. Is it the color
> scheme whi
> ch is the problem ? Or just the way the master used a Black and
> Decker saw
> with a blunt blade to make the BB cut ?
> Nick March, Agen 47000, Lot et Garonne, France=0A=0A=0A
> Maybe it's just me, but I think this Masi is butte ugly! Some
> aspects are
> OK, but in balance, Phew! Anyone know how this thing came to exist so
> unlike it's stablemates?? Maybe those sick of hearing about Masi
> can join
> in and bash this Pepto Bismol ( frame
> set!
> Dale Brown
> cycles de ORO Bike Shop

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