[CR] Davidson touring bike for sale, reduced

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From: "Charles Andrews" <chasds@mindspring.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:42:26 -0800
Subject: [CR] Davidson touring bike for sale, reduced

Price reduced to $795 SHIPPED! Surely someone here could use a nice touring bike like this. You couldn't touch a custom frame like this now for a dime under 2K new. And that's just a frame and fork. This is a whole bike, ready to go. This would be your ride-it-all-day, ride it anywhere bike. It'd make a great daily rider.


This is the bike I rode on the fabled Baldy Brevet of Spring 2003. Check the CR archives for that story.

It's a bit big for me, I have other bikes that do the same thing, so, sadly, I'm letting it go. It's a sweet bike.

Davidson Touring Bike from the late 1970s. The story I got from the guy I bought it from is that Bill Davidson brought the lugs over from Italy on the plane in his pocket, and made this high-end touring bike for a Boeing executive. When you look at the pics, note the really fine lug-work, and the beautiful radius brazing around the seat-lug and the bb shell.

This Reynolds 531bike rides like a dream, very plushy without being stodgy at all. Ride-it-all-month comfort, and I'm not exaggerating. In a custom touring bike this was the ultimate in 1977, excepting possibly a french constructeur bike. I built it up in period fashion. It's ready to ride across the country right now. Just put it together out of the box, adjust to taste, and go. true 57cm c-t seat; 56.5cm c-c top

Built for 27 inch wheels, but will accept 700C wheels with long-reach brakes (think longer Weinmanns or Techros).

Nitto bars and technomic deluxe stem. Suntour Superbe calipers and levers; first-gen Cyclone GT derailleurs; bar-end shifters; Sugino Mighty triple; Specialized pedals by MKS in the style of Suntour Superbe; really beautiful period 27 inch wheels--Sanshin Pro hf hubs 4x stainless spokes to Araya touring rims; campagnolo headset. Brooks Pro saddle in good condition. Brand new Cheng Shen tires.

Offered for sale complete, as shown: $795 SHIPPED in the lower 48.

Charles Andrews

Los Angeles

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