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When i got mine, last year, i got help from the list with Dale's permission .  (thanks nick.) Although post-83, it's definately got some hand made features.  i can see the file marks around the lugs, which are nicely poi nted and thinned. i have a gap model- year 92, has a two color paint sche me with embossing or stamping on the sloped fork crown and seat stay eyes ( or is this considered pantographed?)  it has campy drop outs, columbus st ickers, internal cable routing to the back brake and under the bb routing f or the derailers. i like the bike and ride it a lot.  i feel it's a nic e race bike that is sort of unknown, not very collectable or a serious thie f-magnet, not super valuable, just a good horse to take me around where i w ant to go, hills or not. devon warner san francisco, USA

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There is at least one more out here. Won't go too in depth but I love my '8 7 Lotto. Off topic but definitly KOF. Bought it new in Aug 87 from bike sho p here in Houston, from Ten Speed Drive Imports. The red/white/yellow, I think it was called "Miami" scheme. A lot of chrome, but if I remember that was very popular in the 80's. Sorry I can't contribute much history, but would love to hear what others have to say. Tom Forbes Houston, Texas USA.> Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 16:42:46 -0500> From:> To:;> Subject: Re: [CR] Basso> > I hope all the Basso fans out there come out of hiding an d give us more info > on these bikes. I've owned three, bought an 84 Gap and an 86 Loto new. Still > have the Loto, the Gap was traded for a Legna no pista. Missed the Gap so > much I bought another off Ebay.> > Why do you think your bike is a 77 or 78? Prior to late 81 these were very > low prod uction bikes and were most likely not available in the US. The Basso > brot hers opened their factory in 1981 so my guess would be that 82 or 83 > woul d be the earliest to be seen here in the US. Pictures would be best for > i dentifying the model but the Gap has a sloping fork crown with lugs > inter nal to the fork blades Cinelli style. The Gap was built with SL tubing > wi th an SP down tube. The name is in honor of Marino Basso's 1972 world > cha mpion victory at Gap France.> > My 1984 had one set of bottle braze ons on

the down tube, braze on lever > bosses and top tube cable guides. The shi fter cables were under the BB. The > fork crown, drop out faces and chain stays were chrome. Alcide Basso had a > strong dislike for chroming but wa s driven to it by the market.> > I think these were great riding bikes but

because they came out relatively > late and were production bikes so they d on't seem to have the collector > interest of the classic Italian brands. T hat said I have had off list > exchanges with or CR listers that like their Bassos.> > Go to the CR main page click on Italy and you will find a Basso catalog with > a brief history.> > Norm Lafleur> Ashfield, Ma.> USA> > - ---- Original Message ----- > From: "Michael Shunk" <prudymuskethead@gmail. com>> To: "classicrendezvous" <>> Sent: Thurs day, January 22, 2009 2:37 PM> Subject: [CR] Basso> > > > Hi List,> >
> > I recently picked up a 1977 or 78 Basso bike I was hoping to find out s ome> > information on -> >> > I believe it is either a Gap or Arrencia mode l. It is a red metallic > > color> > - no chrome on the fork or stays, bu t there is a Basso decal on each stay.> > Forged Campagnolo dropouts on bot h the fork and frame - Columus tubing> > sticker on the downtube along with some other Basso identifiers - no braze> > on's on the seat downtube but s ome on the other downtube.> >> > Shifiting cables run over the BB - the BB

is stamped 58 (assuming that's > > the> > frame size) but there is no other serial # identification.> >> > Anyhow - I love the bike and was just wonde ring if anyone knew much about> > Basso bikes or perhaps where they fall in the hierarchy of 70's Italian> > frames?> >> > I'd love to learn more abou t it.> >> > Thank you -> >> > Michael Shunk in Seattle, WA USA> >> >> > - -- StripMime Report -- processed MIME parts ---> > multipart/alternative> > text/plain (text body -- kept)> > text/html> > ---> > ____________________ ___________________________> > Classicrendezvous mailing list> > Classicren> > dezvous> > > > > _______________________________________________> Classicre ndezvous mailing list>> http://www.bikelist. org/mailman/listinfo/classicrendezvous _________________________________________________________________ Hotmail® goes where you go. On a PC, on the Web, on your phone. =TXT_TAGHM_WL_HM_versatility_121208