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Well fellow trackmen and ladies, Calling this a board track racer is just a little stretch in my opinion. Major Taylor was over with his career by this time I think and I doubt he would have raced on something of this nature. He also rode for Iver Johnson, not Columbia. I can't see how wide the rims are, but the racing rims were 7/8"to 1" width. I suspect these are 1-1/8" - 1-1/4 wide which makes the tire size the stock everyday 28x1-1/2" single tube tire. Unless it had a coaster brake, ALL the bikes came with a fixed gear, and were what people rode. Another easy way to tell a racing bike from an everyday roadster is the width of frame and fork where the tire zooms by. Swish! It's a nice ol' machine. Too bad they cut the hubs out. Hope the fixed cog was unfixed before it got the chop!!??!! Be nice to know how heavy that frameset is. They made some quite light steel bikes years ago, down to probably 19 pounds maybe a little less. So, I have my doubts about the seller's claims. I've put together shall we say a few of these ol' irons, and from what I see and what it would need to get up and about again, I don't think it's really worth any more than about a $300 in my personal opinion.
Caveat Emptor.
Ted Ernst
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> ''1917 Columbia Board Track Racer - $650 (Mira mesa)
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> Date: 2009-01-22, 7:15AM PST
> I have for sale. 1917 Columbia Track Racer bicycle. This is what Major
> Taylor would have rode. It has the original paint and crankset.The fork
> assy is also original. I have 2 wooden wheels and the original Jacob
> fixed gear hub assy.The wheels in the pics are some late model rims
> added for pic purposes. I have pics from the 1917 Columbia catalogue
> that was sent to the previous owner from Columbia bicycles. I also have
> a letter from the Columbia co about this bike that was mailed to the
> previous owner. I have researched this bike endlessly, and have never
> come up with another one anywhere. This is a super rare bike. With a
> little work it would be beautiful. I am taking offers. I also might
> trade for a very very nice newer roadbike. Email if you are interested.
> Thanks ''
> Wow Older than my 1920's Speed King
> Photos on site
> Not seller
> Charles Nighbor
> Walnut Creek, CA USA