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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 08:07:56 -0800
From: "Colin Laing" <colin_laing@yahoo.com>
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Subject: [CR] Anquetil bikes

from Colin Laing

Doug just about has it all correct, The mass produced Anquetil's were indeed imported by Ron Kitching from Andre Bertin in Northern France ( they had a great export, import thing going eversince Ron would ride his bike over to France just after the war and fill his saddle bag with goodies for his then starter shop)

Of course, Beryl had bikes built by all and sundry, even I made a couple, her husband Charlie worked in the warehouse at Ron's but Beryl was never sponsored and had to pay for everything,,,,this even though they (at that time ) rented an apartment from Ron in Station Road Harrogate.

The pencil stays were vogue in those days and older riders must remember "the Flying Scot's " made by David Ratteray in Glasgow which had even thinner fork blades , for whatever reason.

On the fall-out between Eddy, Colnago and the "big chance" for De Rosa, this all started at the Barcelona Worlds, I happened to be in the pit when the "row" started , it was due to mechanics and not frames...upset Eddy so much, he only finished 4th behind Gimondi, Ocana , and Maertens...the rest of the story is non of my beezwax so I don't repeat it,

Thanks for listening, Colin Laing, Chandler, Arizona, U.S.A