[CR] Campy Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur Assembly Question

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Subject: [CR] Campy Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur Assembly Question

I have, spread out in front of me in a pile, a disassembled Campy NR rear DR, with only the upper and lower body and front and inner arms still connected together. Stuff is clean and shiny, after an ultrasound bath in WD 40. I want to reassemble, not while blindfolded, as with my ROTC M-14 in 1965, but while watching CSI reruns with my wife. How do I reassemble, in the most civilized way, part no. 84 (gear return spring screw) and part no. 98/A (gear return spring)? When assembled, the gear return spring screw is holding the gear return spring in some tension, as the spring holds the body in shape. Is there any way to marry the spring and screw and body together without horsing it all around? I did one a couple years ago but felt like a micro wrestler. How did they do it on the assembly line in Italy in 1972? I face the same challenge with an original model Rally DR, which is in a different pile, but with more pieces.

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