Re: [CR] A Peugeot, but was it a px10 ?

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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 14:21:10 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] A Peugeot, but was it a px10 ?

It's a mid 70's, maybe 1975 or 1976 PRN-10 or some such model name, a "club racer" one step below the PX-10. Several clues to this. The "Divinci Cod e" used by all the high volume French manufacturers in the 70's was that fu ll 531 DB pro model French equipped bikes had half-chromed forks AND stays, while club racers one step down, usually 531 DB main tubes, had half-chrom ed forks only, with painted stays. Note this applied to French equipped bi kes only. Several French manufacturers, but not Peugeot, also made full ca mpy "team pro" models which usually had little or no chrome.

This bike is indeed 531 DB main tubes, as the "3 Tubes Renforce" decal test ifies. And the quality forged Simplex DO's indicate it is a high end, thou gh not quite top model. Also the quality Simplex Criterium derailleurs and shift levers are the same used on PX-10. Finally, it has a Stronglight 49 D crank, once the top model, but by the mid 70's pushed down to club racer level, as the PX-10 was by the late 60's already using Stronglight 93. Act ually, this bike could have been third in the lineup, as about the time it was made the PY-10 was introduced as top model with Mailllard 700 hubs and IIRC the new Stronglight 105 cranks.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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> Some good news and some bad: the site partspeekers to
> which you have b
> een subjected is to disapear shortly, as the free hoster is
> no longer going
> to be free, so like Camille Claudel (no, she wasn't a
> famous cyclist) I sh
> all destroy my work before demanding life admission to a
> looney bin except
> you're not allowed to call a looney bin a looney bin
> any more, I think to b
> e PC you have to say Mental health Care Institute or
> something. Or maybe I'
> ll just go to a hotel. That was the good news. Now for the
> bad: on dumping
> some trash this morning, I found a Peugeot racer in pretty
> fine condition f
> or a throwaway. Further good news is that as I have enough
> bikes my size al
> ready there is no question of keeping it, so as I write and
> coffee boils, t
> he bike has 10 minutes to live. After that, it gets cut. As
> in a disk cutte
> r gets taken to it and it fits into a shoe box. Any kind
> soul to tell me if
> it was actually a PX 10 ? It definitely is (soon
> "was") very light. It
> is visible at and as i'm
> sure there's a line bre
> ak rendering the link dud here it is again
> Nick March, Agen 47000, Lot et Garonne, France