[CR] How I Spent My Superbowl Sunday

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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 17:12:25 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <jerrymoos@sbcglobal.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR] How I Spent My Superbowl Sunday

Having gradually come to hate pro football over the years, I, like many other list members, look forward to doing pretty much the opposite of the majority of the population on this high holy day of shallow redneck culture. Many CR members are as I speak out on the remarkably uncongested roads enjoying the fact that the drunk rednecks are drunk in front of the TV rather than running cyclists off the road. We know more than a bit about that here in Texas.

I took the opportunity t0 finish off my Romic Tourer in preparation to put it into service on my daily commute tomorrow morning. Some members had asked for pics when it was finished, so here it ss:


As I said previously, the frame is clean and workmanlike, but far from fancy. I might not have bothered with such a frame had it not be built by the late and much lamented Ray Gasorowski, who I and several other CR members knew personally. But this is a good honest quality if unpretentious touring bike, just the sort of thing that Ray woud like, although he built some very high end stuff as well. Pretty sure this bike as I acquired it was a mostly original complete bike as sold by Ray in 1976. His choice of components, like the frame, emphasized good value over image.

Original parts include the Tange HS, Sugino Might Tour crank and BB (altough I've changed rings to 50-34), Weinmann 500 calipers (now with Malthauser pads) with Diacompe levers (I trashed the suicide levers and added hoods), the Shimano Titlist GS derailleurs, and the original wheels, the woinderful Sanshin ProAm hubs with Araya 27" clinchers, now sod with Panaracer Pasels, 27 x 1 1/8 front and 27 x 1 1/4 rear.

The ratcheted Suntour DT shifter have been replaced with ratcheted Suntour barends, which are IMHO the best shifters ever made with the possible exception of Simplex Retrofrictions.

The too-short Nitto stem and unmarked GB radonneur bars were replaced with Nitto Randonneur (mod 135AA) bars and an unmarked Japanese 25.4 stem. The original pedals were a Japanese clone of Lyotard 45D, with the same very narrow width. I repleced them with MKS platform touting pedals and MKS steel toeclips.

The saddle that come with it - probably not original - was a beat Mexican Unicanitor clone with a 26.4 post forced into the frame. It looks that the seatube was about 26.4, but Ray shimmed it down to 26.0, much like the old Cinellis were shimmed down to 26.2. No clue why. Used a Laprade-style Kalloy 26.0 with a new steel-rail Brooks Swallow. This was received from a CR member in response to my offer to trade a Ti Swift for a steel Swallow. Worked for me, hopefully for him as well.

I've added necessary bits for touring/commuting. Zefal mudguards, these are nice and reasonably priced - I love Zefal. The chromed steel Wald rear rack which is maybe the biggest bargain in touring gear in the world. Off Topic battery lights. The front bag is Carradice, made for use with the Nitto rack that clamps to the bars. Been looking for years for a bike to use these on. Panniers are Carradice, Shopper right, Super C left, wonderful stuff.

The seatbag could be Carradice from its look, but it is actualy Acorn Bags. Acorn is a two-person husband and wife company in California, who make classic canvas and leather bike bags. They make them all themselves by hand. They take orders on the first of each month until the orders equal their production capacity, then suspend orders until the next month. Recently, they've been filling their monthly orders in only a couple of hours. This stuuf is good and as classic as you can get. I was just barely able to get my order in this month for a newly introduced front bag which looks to rival Berthoud for quality and style.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA