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If you want a "daily rider" that you will not have to worry about but that will handle well and be comfy all day, I'd suggest a Peugeot PX-10. They are commonly available, and can be ridden "as is" or modified to suit your taste (and inventory) in componentry, as they were often modified/upgraded with non-OEM parts, wheels, etc.

TREKS are nice, too, but the PXs (or similar Motobecanes, Gitanes, etc.,) will feel more "lively" or "limber" and perhaps be more "forgiving" on all-day rides.


Jon Spangler Alameda, CA USA

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> Hey list friends! Give me some insight on what my next project should
> be, here is a little background: I like wrenching, searching for deals
> and detailing probably as much as riding, so last fall through a bonus
> program at work I chose a park bicycle toolkit, remodeled a room in my
> basement and went to work. My first project was to buy a frame and put
> my first bike together after purchasing all the parts (an off topic
> mountain bike, but bear with me). Then I put together a cheap
> (again not
> topic) commuter bike for my trip to work and errands. Next I
> discovered
> the interesting and beautiful world of vintage bikes and purchased an
> early 80s Guerciotti with the intention of having my first road
> bike to
> ride and complete my arsenal. Well after completely detailing the bike
> and adding some flash and pantographed parts I realized this thing is
> too valuable (to me) and too beautiful to be a daily rider. Now I am
> thinking my next project should be something a little more modest with
> the intention of being a comfortable road bike for general riding a
> couple of times a week. I would prefer to keep it $1000 or below and
> vintage steel. I have several campy parts left after replacing the
> Guerciotti parts like brakes, levers, hoods, stem. and cranks. I ride
> about a 58 cm but am considering a little larger for comfort sake.
> Also
> I will be attending the handcrafted bike show in Indy at the end of
> the
> month (I don't see that as any answer but will be interesting for me)
> Any suggestions? Maybe a classic trek or a paramount or ?????
> Also I am looking for a NOS or "excellent " Concor Superleggera to
> finish the Guerciotti ( I saw the one from the guy in Italy on
> Saturday,
> but he hasn't responed to my email) Any Leads?
> Thanks....sorry for the long post, just wanted to gather some other
> insight.
> Todd Grantham
> Fort Wayne IN USA

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