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Wow, Mark that had to have been a gorgeous bike.

These Siebers are more and more interesting bikes the more I hear about the m.

Eddie Albert was just telling me this morning that Cino Cinelli worked for Sieber and married the daughter! He left that employ around 1950. Fascinati ng stuff!

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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I ordered my Sieber track frame and fork in 1948 from the factory through J oe Dignan's bike shop on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio. I don't remem ber drilling for brakes even being an option. I do remember that since both the frame and biplane fork were chromed, any combination of paint and chro me could be ordered. Chrome lugs with painted tubes, chrome ends, etc. I we nt for a full chrome fork and painted (translucent red lacquer) frame with chrome drop outs. The idea of drilling for brakes was heretical and far wor se than sacrilege. I used inch=pitch block chain because that's what ever ybody did. My first rims were wood-filled alloy tubulars, after that all we re alloy. The wood-filled rims were ruined at the National Championships in 1949 when another racer put a pedal into my front spokes at speed. Tires w ere "open-sided" silks. I only used wood rims for training. They were mount ed with "US Mules." Black rubber US Royal tubulars that looked kind of like garden hose. Only less compliant. I raced the Sieber from 1948 through 195 1, and sold it in 1952 complete for about a week's wages. And yes of course I wish I had it back.? ?

Mark Fulton?

Redwood City?

USA? ?

PS: My prejudice against drilling for brakes continues today. You can see m y Steelman and Waterford track bikes on Fixed Gear Gallery. Both have road race forks. I also have a couple of Bianchi Pista Concepts and a 3Rencho tr ack bike that I've built up the same way.? ?


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