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If your Panaracers are foldable, the beads would have to be Kevlar, I think. I've never seen a foldable clincher tire with a wire bead.

Which brings me to ask a question: are clincher tires with Kevlar beads or Aramid belts (for puncture-resistance) considered off-topic/ not "kosher," or do tires escape the chronological limitations of CR- dom because tires are "disposables" like brake pads or grease?

I like whatever tire works for the purpose(s) at hand, and prefer durable Panasonic foldable 700 x 28C clinchers for their no-flats-on- a-600-mile-AIDS-Ride performance on my Eisentraut.


Jon Spangler Alameda, CA USA

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> I have a couple of sets of these and find them to be a very nice tire.
> Mine are 2008 model but they don't look a lot different. To get a
> sense
> of how they look on a bike you can check out the ones I have on my
> 1981
> Apolllo SS/FG. I believe they are wire bead, they are foldable.

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