[CR] Old Brit Im back!

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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 12:50:02 -0500
From: <crumpy6204@aol.com>
Subject: [CR] Old Brit Im back!

WELL "VEEEERY INTERESTING", As the guy in "laf in" use to say. Let me expla in my predicament. For Xmas my kids got me a brand NEW?shiny CF DoDad! Kind a on topic(Bianchi Campag),? make and equip.Said "OLD" Dad needs some help riding a bloody bike! lighter weight should help! Well at 16lbs I do have t o admit it DOES help.BUT! and this is the good part. Is it enjoyable? Hell NO! Sorry kids. take the bloody thing back to the shop?PLEASE!? ?Now to the other interesting thing, Because my kids had spent most of there 401ks tha t they had left on good OLD Dad, I felt obligated to sell some of my OLD IR ON and maybe with the proceeds TAKE THEM OUT?TO LUNCH! Now if you count up what I have spent on them with college etc, HOW could I ever get out of the hole! I listed my 2005?Mercian and 1954?Hetchins on EBAY. I got 71 lookers at the Hetch and 27 at the Mercian, NO BLOODY BIDS,. NOT ONE! Obama has NO T sent the checks out yet! or some such. So FELLOW CR listers.What would yo u do. KEEP THE OLD IRON. RIGHT!??? Reading the last few posts about the abo ve and ride quality. CF is fine. BUT Reynolds STEEL TO ME IS FAR BETTER. Th e BEST riding bike I? EVER rode was the 1951 Bates BAR 531?Canti and Diadra nt. that I sold to a fellow list member.Next to this, IS the 1954 Hetch, Sm oother but on climbs out of the saddle going arond hairpins I DO feel some twich in the rear end (THE BIKES NOT MINE) The 1952 Claud Butler is also go od, a bit heavier but rides smooth and climbs OK. Nothing special.My 1950 M ercian R/P 531??IF I where 40yrs younger and lived?in the flat lands. this bike,?with a single fixed would be my choice. A REAL bike, basic, ,down to earth, kida like my 1970 Porsche 911 NO power anything,GUTSY a thrill to dr ive. NOT BOORING like my 2001 Boxster which I would equate to a CF Bike.MUC H to refined. Give me the GOOD old days, When MEN where MEN. Right Ted Erns t! Look at old?TDF Photos Coppi Bartalli. the bikes THEY rode and Rode to v ictory.NO team support to speak of even changed flats! Tubs around there ne cks.Think Lance a lot

could do that!? So keep on riding the steele of yester year. ENJOY the bike s you collect RIDE THE FRIGGIN THINGS. BOOOOO to the CF wonders,let the wim ps ride em!? Cheers you all!? John Crump OldGoodtobebackBrit. Parker.Co USA