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Hi CR folks,

Its winter and its sleepy here (but I'm sure the economy has nothing to do with it...), so here are some deals to warm you up!  These prices are good for orders placed through friday of this week .  Quantities limit ed.  Note:  US shipping is a fixed $3 no matter the size of your order .  Inquire for foreign shipping. First come first served.  Please email to this email (or to reneherse@comcast.net ) and we weill conf irm your order, and you can paypal payment and we'll send it out.  We can gladly hold your order and you can send in a personal check also.

Also note - if you order off this list and want anything else that is in ou r on-line store ( http://www.renehersebicycles.com ), tell us in your email and we'll add it to your order when we confirm.  You will not pay add itional shipping!  Again, orders in the US only (and if you want fende rs, only to the lower 48).

-Campy NR barcon cables, true bar con length, the braided retro ones.  Work with downtube shifters too.  $7pr or 2 pr for $11.  About 1 0 pair available.

-Campy bolts (but no washers) for mounting racks, toe clips, or for the cab le fixing plate on a Campy NR rear deraillieur.  Pkg of 12 for $8.

-Campy NR front deraillieur body (the one from late 60's to around 1977 or so) $ 10 ea.

-Campy NR chainstay cable clips - seen these go for over $70 on ebay (that was just stupid) - 3 for $12 with the bolt/nut

-Soma retro pulley pair fits Campy NR/SR derailleurs - $ 19

-Campy NR track axle pair - both front and rear complete set with cones, wa shers, and nuts to affix wheel to frame!  $ 79

-Robergel 3* spokes - ultimate mix for use with Campy NR lg fl 3x tubular.   60 294mm and 20 293mm. These are the lightweight gauge, around 1.8 x 1.6mm or so with nipples.  $ 36.  4 sets at this price

-Robergel 292mm - you figure if they are right length.  80 pieces with nipples, the ones that are around 1.8 x 1.6. 3 sets avail.  $24

-Robergel 292mm - you figure if they are right length.  80 pieces with nipples, the heavier ones more like 2.0 x 1.8 or so.  1 set avail.   $24

-Stronglight A9 Headset - "paramount" black version, 26.4 crown race so fit s on bikes cut for Campagnolo headsets like a charm.  $41.

-Zeus Tubular tire holder $5 - new in not-so-perfect box

-Gorgeous 151mm bolt circle 44 tooth ring that fits pre-nuovo record Campag nolo alloy cranks.  Highly polished, same web pattern as Campy, you mi ght even confuse with Campy.  Perfect for getting that old bike rideab le with more manageable gearing (or preserve your rare Campy ring of this s ize which is very rare).  One available at $69.

-The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles - we have a few left of the soon-to-b e unavailable 1st edition.  $50.

-Brooks Team Pro Black, chrome rails. One at the special price of $114Â   (new in the box of course).

-TA Cyclotourist cranks 172.5mm.  From about 5 years ago we guess, new , with dustcaps and pedal washers.  This pair has the laser etched log o, but we will include genuine foil TA decals too!  New never used gor geous!  One pair at $168.

Thanks so much!

Mike Kone in Boudler CO USA

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