[CR] 1974 vs. 2009, Colnago Super

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 08:29:33 -0800
Subject: [CR] 1974 vs. 2009, Colnago Super

When I first saw the subject line I got excited as I own a mid 70's Colnago Super and a 2008 Colnago Extreme C (which is their top of the line lightest frameset). But again it's just more pointless comparisons about cost in this ongoing, "I can't seem to enjoy my old bikes without worrying about how awful and expensive modern carbon bikes are, and they already invented everything anyway so what's the point" discussion.

With careful shopping, buying at the end of the season, going with a Chorus gruppo and sensible home built wheels I spent under $5000 to build up the 2008 Nag. It's hand's down the best bike I have ever ridden. It actual rides very much like the 70's bike as far as the steering and overall handling is concearned so yes, the old "angles" are still valid and have not been thrown out for inovation by this builder. But the modern material allows this beautifully handling bike to also be stiff and light in degrees that are VERY noticeable, and translate directly to the efficiency of the bike. I can go much faster with the same amount effort on this bicycle, and on the chip-seal roads that line my area it is more comfortable than steel (old or new).

So does that diminish my love of old bikes? Absolutely not. What was state of the art in 1975 is still, what was state of the art in 1975, and should be enjoyed as such. I can embrace the shortcomings of older machines, and enjoy the experience. The same way it's fun to drive a non-synchro 4-speed, or use a push mower once in awhile.

So enjoy your old bikes for what they are. If they are all you will ever need I totally understand that (it's how I feel about my my 1960s HiFi equipment) but you can stop obsessing about this apples to oranges battle of old vs. new which have dominated the list lately. While I do not get one response to the interesting old "mystery" bike I posted the other day. An actual on topic bike I thought would illicit at least a few comments?

Cheers, Jon Williams
Grants Pass OR USA