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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 08:42:19 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Touring Shoes and Clipless

I go clipless most of the time with discreet Shimano Dura Ace Look pedals. I have 99th percentile feet-13AAA-and wear custom made carbon fiber shoes from Rocket 7 which are the single best thing I ever did for my cycling. No foot problems ever. I had them made in solid black and they do not advertise themselves like modern shoes. For on topic cycling I have 2 pair of Sidi Titanium shoes made before Sidi changed its last and widened their shoes. I don't wear them much and with a bit of luck will last the rest of my cycling life. It is pretty easy to make cycling shoes with a bit of ingenuity. Plain black dancing shoes are a good start. Have your shoemaker put a thicker sole on them. For the ultimate shoe stop off at the sheet metal shop on the way with a pattern about 3/8th of an inch narrower than the sole and have them make a piece of sheet steel for the shoemaker to sandwich in the sole. These wind up looking like old time shoes and work well. Older dress shoes work well for this as well, especially if you're wearing knickers these cold days. I have a pair of brown plain toe dress shoes that i never wear I'm going to convert this way. Phil Brown Weather changeable today in Berkeley, Calif.