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you don't identify the nationality of the bike. If it is British from say approximately 1965 or earlier,then the threading is likely Whitworth. If some other nationality then I doesn't know. You are unlikely to find these at a hardware store.

I got a few from Larry Black a few years ago. You might try him or another bike shop with vintage goods.

Larry can be reached through:

good luck!

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD

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Subject: [CR] Fender Eyelets: What threading?

I attempted to mount a pair of Bluemel's Club Special mudguards today, us ing the wingnuts that came with the stays/other mounting hardware.The frame
   upon which I had hoped to mount the fenders has threaded fender eyelets: G ipiemme dropouts on the fork, Paragon dropouts with brazed-on eyelets in the rear.The wingnuts/screws that came with the Bluemels do not fit the eye lets on the bike and I would like to replace the Bluemels hardware with som ething that'll work.What is the "standard" threading for fender eyelets? W ill I be able to find appropriate screws at a Local Bike Shop? Home Depot? auto parts store? Your spare parts bin? Matthew BowneBrooklyn, New York _________________________________________________________________ Windows Live\u2122: Keep your life in sync. 22009