[CR] Talk about pantographed OLMO Competition for sale

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<< http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Kevin-Krugers-Bikes/OlmoCompetition/ >>

That is a very nice bike, Kevin.

With some TLC and detailing, it could be a real show stopper...

These top of the line Olmos always are a treat to my eyes, not just in the somewhat typical fancy details, pantographing, "Mexico" polishing, etc., but in the frame construction features. These bikes are nicely unusual in their lug treatment, using stamped lugs rather than investment cast (bb shell & fork crown are cast). These particular lugs are what I have used myself and were listed as "Quinticiclo", and have a distinstive shape.? Olmo cuts and shapes them into that profile and with those quite unique, larger-than-most triangular cutouts. There is quite o bit of handwork evident here, in a time frame where most builders are starting to avoid that using cast lugs with the features they want already made in.

That bike is well worth the asking price in my opinion!

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina? USA

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Posted photos of the 53cm. CTT pantographed OLMO COMPETITION that I am offe ring for sale on Wool Jersey:


Price is $1200.00 plus shipping.? Pretty GIOS blue color (exact color mat ch!).? Note the Mexico-treatment to the crankset!!!? Also milled brake caliper arms with red/white/green inpaint.

Please contact me offlist if you are interested.

Regards, Kevin Kruger = Grantville, PA