Re: [CR] Touring Shoes and Clipless

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:10:19 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Touring Shoes and Clipless

Hi   I have wide feet as well and I really like the MKS Sylvan touring pedals with clips and straps. I usually wear my old Sidi touring shoes wit h them but I also have used Adidas Sambas to good effect. Cornering clearan ce isn't the greatest but then again I'm not leaning the bike as much in co rners anyway when touring.

             Jeff Chrystler

            South Bend, Indiana

Hello Kirke. Over the last few years I have been using SPD pedals in m y old bikes.  It's not period correct, but when you get then adjusted c orrectly, they wor k really well.

The other problem is that there ar en't just a lack of traditional shoes, but also a lack of good quality t ouring pedals. With manufactures making mo re clipless systems, there are also fewer pedals to choose from.

I see many examples of the traditio nal pedals around, but they often have the little peace that points up at the end of pedal.  I have wide feet, so these won't work for me.  R ight now I'm using some late 1980s MTB pedals , which are working well.   But I'm worried about what I'll do when these give out.  I may low er my standards to the things that are left on the mark et, or commute to work clipless.

Any ideas out there.

Tom Harriman
San Francisco
, Ca