[CR] FS: Campagnolo 50th Anniversary gruppo with wood rims, Cinelli, Regina, etc.

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From: <FujiFish1@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 20:06:58 -0500
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] FS: Campagnolo 50th Anniversary gruppo with wood rims, Cinelli, Regina, etc.

For sale: Campagnolo 50th Anniversary gruppo, very low specific unit #0990 ... that is, of the first 1000 gruppos, out of under 14,500 produced in total. Complete with Italian WOOD RIMMED tubular wheels, Cinelli CdM leather wrapped bars and 1-A stem, Regina 7 speed (Ultra?) freewheel and chain, and a beautiful AQUILA branded leather covered saddle that I have never seen before, or since.

I am asking $2000 obo, which INCLUDES domestic shipping and handling (or a credit for international or overseas shipping), for everything described here and seen in the photos, except for: frame, forks, and chain, as mentioned below.

History: Members that have been around for a few years may remember these parts mounted on an early Torpado SLX frameset, which is NOT for sale. The frameset was built in early 1984 for Torpado's Italian director of Marketing of the time. He acquired this 50th gruppo elsewhere, and had the Torpado factory assemble the complete bike. Years later, the bike went up for sale in Italy, and I purchased it. The CBL Brusati, Limbiate - Italy, wood tubular rims had been swapped out for Fiamme Ergal, as there was a small crack forming in one of the wood rims. I completely disassembled the bike, cleaned it deeply, lightly polished where applicable (non-anodized aluminum parts), greased and reassembled onto the Torpado. I acquired stainless, butted spokes and extra long nipples from Ted Ernst, and had lbs Kinetic Systems of Clarkston, MI repair the rim crack, and rebuild the shiny 50th hubs onto the wood rims. Jeff at Kinetic was meticulous, and made sure the decals and hub logos lined up for kindly photo opportunities. The front rim has the repair, and was more lightly tensioned to avoid stressing the new repair. I was advised to ride the front wheel gently only, and not to put it through any tough criterium type riding ... just to be sure. They are therefore show, or parade wheels, more specifically the front. The bike was indeed shown at the Cirque as part of the 2005 award winning "Torpado-Rama" display. Carefully brought her back home to my temperature controlled and basically dry basement, where she has been sitting on the same Torpado display stand, ever since.

Now, having owned the bike for about 5-6 years, I have never ridden it, save for a run up and down the street when I first assembled it in early 2005, just to make sure the gears were working correctly. The gruppo was used by its original owner, and shows some marks on the brake levers, seat post and toe clips, and less on the cranks, derailleurs and pedals, but it is otherwise in near or excellent condition overall. Other than evidence of grease in creases and junctions, it remains in the exact same pristine condition as shown in photos at my Wool Jersey album, taken in the summer of 2005. The pics don't do this justice, and lose a lot of the shiny aluminum and chrome effect. They are viewable here:

<http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/fujifish1/MarksVintage/Torpado/SLX_1984_C ampagnolo_50th/> Or, Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/be9aam

Click on any thumb to see the medium image, then PLEASE click on the image to see the much larger, clearer view. If you stop at the medium images, then you will be missing the truth of it.

Again, the frameset is not intended to be available, but I am selling the complete gruppo, including Campagnolo #0990 Ownership Card and a copy of the Torpado factory install order, Cinelli stem and bars, Regina freewheel and chain, and Servizio Corse tubular tires. The tires have never been glued on. I never received the carrying case or any extra bits, etc. that might have originally come with the gruppo ... it is just the parts, owner card, and perhaps a couple of other pieces of paper ... I will have to dig them out to be sure.

Component sizes and specifics: NOS Shield logo brake lever hoods, and genuine Campy brake cables and gray casings, TI pedal spindles, chromed steel b.b. spindle, 27.2mm post, Italian thread b.b. and headset, 32 hole hubs, 126mm rear, 170mm cranks with 53/42 teeth rings, braze-on front derailleur, and of course, recessed Allen mounted brakes, post CPSC b.b. spindle, and all other regularities of the time. The 42cm Cinelli bars are Campione del Mundo stamped 66-42, and the stem is a "flying C" logo 1-a, or perhaps 1-E?, with 100mm reach. The 7spd climber's freewheel is a 14-26 Regina CX/CX-S, and the chain will be a black Regina. I'm sorry, but I need the Record chain shown, for another project. Tires, as mentioned, are labeled simply Servizio Corse; they have never been glued, hence never really ridden, and they remain in great shape.

In case anyone on the list is looking down on this because the parts and frame have been separated, the buyer of the parts is invited to receive the frameset as well, for an additional $300. I really do not want to sell the frame, and therefore make this offer available ONLY to the buyer of the gruppo. Otherwise, the frame and forks stay with me, to finally be RIDDEN ... YAAAAY!

Thanks for your consideration...

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA

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