[CR] FS: Bertin Cyclo Tourist on Seattle Craigslist

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From: "Joel Niemi" <bberryacres@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 17:54:32 -0800
Subject: [CR] FS: Bertin Cyclo Tourist on Seattle Craigslist

Not my bike, no financial interest in it, etc. ... but I told the selle r that I'd post information about it on this site.

I noticed this listing


late last week and finally made it over to see the bike this afternoon.

21.5" center-to-top; sorry, didn't measure the top tube. 700c rims (sorry, I don't recall the brand on them); tires are just abo ut to crumble; most spokes have rust.

Frame sticker says Durifort 888 tubing; bike "hefts" lightly, I'd guess under 25 pounds. Forks are chromed, stays are not. Bits of rust, not hing major; decals mostly present. Frame has holes for routing wire to h eadlamp from a rear-mounted generator.

Saddle is a quilted-top Milremo label; stem is also Milremo (as one might expect with a Bertin). Bars are Franco-Belge. Huret F & R derailleurs an d down-tube shifters. TA cotterless cranks. Spidel quick-release hubs. Maf ac brakes.

Front bag rack (rust/chrome) with a left-side attachment for headlamp. Rac k is supported from behind the front brake, on the front brake bolt. Lef t seat stay has a bracket for mounting generator on. Brazed-on mounts for bottle on downtube, with artistic 4-cornered star trim.

Seller said he has fenders for it; forks and stays have eyelets.

For shipping, I suggested that seller arrange with a buyer to have local shop, Spokemotion http://spokemotioncycles.com/home.htm do the packing and shipping at buyer's cost ... I've been in there a few ti mes and it seems like they could provide that service.

I'm thinking this bike could be of interest to someone ... at least to a Be rtinophile. Asking price seemed pretty reasonable.

Joel Niemi / Snohomish, Washington

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