Re: [CR] SA & multiple chainrings & sunbeam wanted

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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 19:23:24 -0800
From: "Thomas" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] SA & multiple chainrings & sunbeam wanted

    Greetings, catching up on old e-mails I noticed someone asking about SA hubs with multiple front rings... This set-up was one of my 2 favorite rides in the early '80s. I had a triple front with a SA3 rear wheel and a limit-screw locked-down rear deraileur. A wonderful, wide-range 9spd. (I often thought of (but never did it) putting 2 cogs on the SA hub itself as the shoulder of the cogs bent to the side (I think several people on this list have done that.)
    This was the only way I could find to get a gear as high as I wanted (I like to push hard and slower on the pedals than many people). My other favorite ride of that era was a nice basic lugged touring frame with wide 26" tires on a single speed with back pedal brake ("primitive" "cross bike"). This has evolved into now using an old Sachs 2spd from an old Moulton as my rear wheel, with a modern version of the Sunbeam 2spd front crank that had a planetary gear set-up where the spider of a more common style crank would be. The sunbeam gave a 1.3333 overdrive (the modern version I use is Swiss made by schlumpf and has a 1.65X overdrive, but also available with 2.5X overdrive or 2.5X "under"drive). I love the gears with no cables.
   If anyone has a usable Sunbeam 2spd crank, or knows where I could get one, I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.
       Tailwinds to you all Thomas Seaman Portland, Oregon
   U.S. of A.