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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 09:16:32 -0500
From: "Edward Albert" <>
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As on previous occasions I will now attempt to stick my foot in mouth. I see, as I have communicated both to Perg and to Wayne, an unwanted and unwelcome schism emerging that has as its focus the Cirque auction but may not be limited to it. We do not need competing auctions. Further, althoug h the auction is a great way to give something back, I do not go to Cirque primarily to somehow "remedy" the problems of the world and give something back....I go to get away from their daily drumbeat. I give something back i n my own way in my daily life. Again, an auction of some sort is fine, done b y whomever. But, I for one, don't want to go to an event where loyalties and friendships become strained, allegiances are questioned, and I feel an increased tension rather than fun and relaxation, etc., etc., etc.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 8:53 AM, G L Romeu <> wrote:
> Unlike John, I think that it speaks of great opportunity that he is willi ng
> to continue his tradition of auction, albeit in an alternative venue, and
> supporting the really worthy cause of Operation Smile. In these times of
> economic depression, adversity among nation, religion, and personalities,
> altruism in thought and action seem to be the only relief and remedy for
> those stories in the daily news. It seems that we will have this
> opportunity with a formal auction at Cirque and John Pergolessi's 'alley
> cat' auction (you 'fixie messengers' know the analogy) to really have som e
> impact beyond just the venue of Cirque.
> So, I write this to expand on John's announcement, and to remind everyone
> that Cirque is not that far away and it is time to start thinking about
> those parts that have not been affixed to a frame, the completed bikes th at
> have caused consternation with your significant other, the ephemera that
> will give others the same joy it has given you for years- it is time for all
> of us to start spreading the experience among a much wider group than the
> attendees of Cirque. Both auctions will work if all of you support them,
> whether attending this year or not.
> there will be upcoming announcements of the actual logistics of donation to
> both venues, so stay tuned and be generous.
> gabriel romeu
> chesterfield new jersey usa
> It is with tremendous sadness that I announce that any involvement that I
>> h
>> ave with the "Official Cirque Auction" is no more. My original "The
>> Charit
>> y Auction", however, and its meaning, continues. "The Charity Auction" n ow
>> no longer has any association with "The Cirque du Cyclisme "venue or it' s m
>> anagement.
> --
> G L Romeu
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