Re: [CR] Shipping a bike to anywhere: The need to make it as compact a package as possible

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 21:20:23 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] Shipping a bike to anywhere: The need to make it as compact a package as possible

Would like to give proper credit for this packing job to Tod Mattson, manager of our Mt. Pleasant shop.

I bought from Tod the other Zunow from that pair from, a green one that my wife is patiently waiting to try.

Jeff Slotkin usually at... The Bicycle Shoppe Charleston, SC

On Feb 20, 2009, at 1:03 PM, Marc St. Martin wrote:
> Hello,
> Here's a great packing job. Shipper got the frame to fit in a BMX
> box. Really well done.
> Marc St. Martin
> Livermore, CA
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>> Subject: [CR] Shipping a bike to anywhere: The need to make it as
>> compact a package as possible
>> Shipping is expensive and getting more so all the time. With size
>> of the
>> package being so crucial to the cost, it is perhaps time to discuss
>> making a
>> packed bike a more compact package.
>> The first recommendation is something Brian Baylis told me years
>> ago. When
>> shipping a frame, remove the fork, wrap it (Brian recommended
>> newspaper to
>> wrap the fork in) and put it between the stays. This is about the
>> smallest
>> possible space you get a frame down to and also keeps the fork from
>> producing a severe strain on the front end of the frame if a close
>> encounter
>> of the worst kind arises with the package and all the mysterious
>> things that
>> seem to so often impact shipped bikes.
>> Next, a seller from Poland sent me a bike and he had the package
>> within the
>> box right down to the exact length of the frame and fork for an
>> entire bike.
>> It was all trussed up like a turkey with the wheels on the sides
>> and I will
>> send pics of the package to anyone who requests it. This sounds
>> pretty
>> basic, but I was much impressed with his cleverness. Most anyone
>> can think
>> of ways to make the bike itself a smaller package within the box.
>> Often
>> when shipping a bike around the country where pricing is not quite so
>> ruinous there is a huge amount of empty space inside the box. So
>> much so,
>> that saavy shippers like Lou Deeter will tie off the bike within
>> the box to
>> limit movement within the box.
>> Hope these hints will help some in lowering folks shipping
>> expenses, and
>> like I said above, I'll forward some pics of the Polish E-Bay
>> seller's
>> shipping package to any interested parties. I thought it was
>> really clever.
>> Tom Sanders
>> Lansing, MI USA