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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 13:37:13 -0600
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I do not feel that I am in a position to speak with absolute authority on this subject, at least not in broad and general terms. But I can tell you that my own personal experience has been that 50 tooth vintage Campagnolo (...NOT any of the other 144 mm BCD clones out there, but genuine Campy) chain rings have proven to be a bit on the difficult side to find, but by no means impossible. A year or two ago if memory serves, both Barry Scott (...eBay id pb*bikes) and Peter Schwar (...eBay id baron_von_drais or something similar), both of whom at least used to be members of the CR List, were offering NOS Campy 50 tooth chain rings that were fetching somewhere around $50.00 USD at the time. This I remember, because I took the opportunity to snag a few for myself inasmuch as I like to run a 42-50 combo (...40-50 or even 38-50 given a Stronglight 122 mm BCD) as vintage versions of what is now considered a modern compact crankset - which also allows me to make good use of those bountiful 13-21 freewheels out there. In fact, I only just got through drilling out one of those 50 tooth rings for use on my 1975 Crescent Pepita 320 project bike.

Robert "that Campy compact kid" Broderick ..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA

P.S. For whatever it may be worth, I just took a quick look at Greg Parker's ( stock to confirm that he too is currently out of stock with regard to the 50 tooth Campagnolo 144 mm BCD chain ring.

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I received a reply from an e-bay seller in response to a question I had,

and he stated that 50 t campy chain rings are "rare". Is this true?

What is this groups experience?

Regarding my WTB, I don't need a Campy 50 t chainring. It can be any brand as long as it's a 144 bcd.


Jay Sexton
Sebastopol, CA