Re: [CR] Gerber on e-bay - Yet another "Montelatici" build?

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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 18:43:33 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] Gerber on e-bay - Yet another "Montelatici" build?

Who ever built that frame ... I strongly believe they are the ones who built the MONTELATICI frames. Look at pics of almost any Montelatici...

...and you will see perfectly matching, signature details: tiny diamonds in the sides of the head lugs, and the drop out miters that Jay noted ... with OPEN ENDS on some of the stays, and same treatment of the fork blades at the tips.

A few months ago I took delivery of a POGGIALI frame from Italy that Charles Andrews outted to the list because of the similarity to the Pogliaghi name (same letters, just and extra "H"), and I assume, the SIMILAR placement but larger diamonds in some Pog frames, and it too, has these signature features. But in addition, the Poggiali has the same exact under the b.b. cable routing, and the unique rear der. cable re-routing tube run quite steeply up THROUGH the chain stay to bring the line above the dropout, as seen on the Gerber. You can see the top opening of the chainstay cable tube, in the dropout photo of the Gerber bike, or click on his pics link to see it more clearly.

The Poggiali also has decorative slots milled into the outer faces of the rear dropouts, and this feature has only been seen by me on one other, assumed "same maker" frame ... a Patelli branded bike that was listed on Ebay perhaps a month ago. I have photos showing all of these features on these bikes ... if anyone would like a look for themselves, I'll post them at Wool Jersey for all to see.

Another interesting point, is that the Poggiali frame is called the "Tour de Suisse" model, in honor of namesake Roberto Poggiali's Tour of Switzerland win in 1970 ... so again, a perhaps completely unrelated commonality with the Swiss Gerber. This Gerber on Ebay is the first of this hand (whomever's hand) I've seen, to have the shorter Campy, Portacatena type dropouts, where all others still have the older, long style dropout. I suppose this Gerber frame then, to be from the later 1970s, but who knows ... the removed parts that the seller offers in other auctions are all from around 1984.

Seems like it's still a hot deal right now, sitting at $67 with a day to go, and only $65 for international shipping. If someone on the list should win it, email me and we can start an "Almost Montelatici" fan club. :)

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA ~ ~ ~

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Nice details on this frameset. Check out the drop out miters. Nice!

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Jay Sexton Sebastopol CA

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