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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 22:31:08 -0500
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I have been reading "Dancing Uphill" a book about Charles Holland the FIRST ,along with Bill Burl ENGLISHMAN to ride in the TDF in?1937.( I did in the early fiftys ride and race with the?Midland C&AC?with his younger brother A .N (Alf) Holland,) this is quite a book tells how two Brits with NO support
   rode in the tour, plus quite a story about Charles and his life, how he go t started in cycle racing, Brought back memories to me, very close to the w ay I began and I assume many of you other Brits did, Foootie,Cricket,runnin g cycling etc. Charles was in the Olympics in LA and Berlin in the 30s, The
   war stopped his cycling BUT he returned in 1968 AGE 59yrs YOUNG.??In 1972 age 63yrs YOUNG was doing a?1-1-23 25mileTT on a Major Nicholls bike?? HE?d ied age 81 in1989, ? He did?have a Raleigh Continental, "Charlie Holland "m odel Sturmey Archer 3sp Med ratio, bike sold?by Raleigh,? Looks like the Re g Harris, Raleigh lenton Sports model that I have, Does any Raleigh Nut hav e one of these?? ?Anyone interested in this book. Email me I will give you? details on getting a copy, Lots of good black and white photos.cost shipped
   about $30.00 WELL WORTH THE READ. Cheers John Crump OldaintdeadyetBrit. Pa rker. Co USA?