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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 13:38:50 +1100
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No mention of this film is worthy unless respect is paid to Rae Dawn Chong !!! I defy any red-blooded cyclist to claim she isn't the most perfect woman in the world after changing out the flatted rear wheel. (Not to mention her father is sure to have a considerable stash, eh ...)

Then again, every time I watch that film I entertain ideas of growing a moustache so maybe my attraction lies elsewhere?

Interestingly, the soundtrack cover artwork seems to prefer bikes with kickstands and fenders ?!?


Ben Kamenjas Kensington, Australia

p.s. it's a terrible film ... but that is OK, with lot of cool bikes, nudity/sex scenes and laughably portrayed foreigners with beards it can't go wrong ;-)

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   > wrote:
> I just NetFlixxed this film, and am eager to see it.
> btw... the movie is titled 'American Flyers' (american flyer is a
> story about S gauge miniture train layouts)
> Rich Pinder
> Van Nuys, CA
> Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
>> We had a recent thread discussing the classic or at least KOF
>> lugged steel Specialized Allez frame, some of which were built by
>> Yoshi Konno of 3Rensho, others by Miyata, with some suggestion a
>> few might have been built by American custom builders.
>> Last night, I was surprised to see American Flyer on cable TV, and
>> watched it, for the first time in several years. I had forgotten
>> that the stars of this piece rode all-red Specialized Allez, lugged
>> steel. Anyone know whether these were Konno-made, Miyata-made or
>> something else? Is anyone aware of the actual bikes used in this
>> film being on display somewhere? For that matter, anyone know what
>> became of the CA Masi from Breaking Away? Was more than one Masi
>> used in that film?
>> I believe this film was made in 1982 which would make the bikes in
>> it actually On Topic. The reason I say that is that much of the
>> film used footage from the Coors Classic and I know that filming
>> for some movie was being done at the 1982 Coors Classic, which I
>> attended.
>> BTW, the one thing the film was a bit weak on was sense of color,
>> as most of the bikes in the film were red. Kevin Costner and his
>> co-star were in Shaver Sport kit on red Allez, the chief rival and
>> his 7-11 teammates were on red Murrays, and the Soviet team were on
>> red Colnagos. However, this may be accurate, as I know both 7-11
>> and the Soviets were indeed in the 1982 Coors classic, quite
>> probably on those bikes, and while I don't specifically remember
>> whether Shaver Sport was in that race, they well may have been and
>> may have been on red Allez.
>> Regards,
>> Jerry Moos
>> Big Spring, Texas, USA