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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:02:14 -0800
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Hello Roman, Sorry about that'I'm working with a unfamiliar laptop and the email launche d prematuely. Hugh Enochs or Al Knoll may tell us more about this painter. He did excellent work, there was a supercool 50s Cinelli Pista that he pain ted. It was FS at Cupertino and later Wheelsmith. Regards, David Martinez F remont Ca US of A who just realised that this is the most emails Ive sent t o the list in all my years as a member.

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From: Roman Stankus <> Subject: [CR] 60's cinelli's and some other bike pics To: Date: Monday, February 23, 2009, 4:18 PM

All this talk of 60's Cinellis - below is link to some photos I took of my bike this past weekend. Is this a model B? The serial number is very hard t o read - it's either 7047 or 7647? The numbers are close to other bikes liste d as early 60's bikes on the cinelli registry for what it's worth. It has the BB oiler hole - but no fitting and all the parts are wrong - but servicable . The bike has nice long chainstays for a longer wheel base and clearance for fenders.

I purchased this as a frame a few years ago from someone in Vermont on ebay - a couple very sketchy photos and I took a swipe at it and it turned out t o be a very nice bike after all. The seller said he purchased it from someone in the San Francisco bay area after it had already been repainted and was outfitted with 70's parts. The painters name is very neatly hand painted on the chain stay - "AVIVA" - anyone ever heard of that painter? At some point the bike lost it's parts and sat around as a frame for a few years gatherin g dust.

I considered restoring the bike, but the paint is in very good condition except for a few spots here and there and it is a nice rider as it is. If anyone is interested in the bike, I will be listing the frame on ebay as soon as I get back from NAHBS and I'll give a heads up about the auction as well as some other items I'll be selling.

If anyone has any comments about the bike, have at it! Enjoy the pics.

Roman Stankus
Atlanta, Georgia USA