[CR] Raleigh Carltons

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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 06:50:59 -0500
Subject: [CR] Raleigh Carltons

In the 1971 Catalogue the International is listed at 25 lbs while the Professional is listed at 22. Both have 531 db frames. Both have Brooks saddles, Campy everything and both have the same gearing wheels and wheel sizes. What could possibly account for the difference of three pounds of weight? - wishful thinking? - marketing ploy?

Also the Milano 3V catalogue which was referenced and linked is a mystery to me. The Volumetrica is supposed to be their kof bike with external lugs and modern steel. It's claimed that it's light weight rivals their aluminum/ carbon bikes? If that's the case why aren't modern steel bikes like this flooding the highend market? If modern steel with lugs and threaded fork bikes can be made at 18 pounds, you would think the beauty and comfort factor would make them THE BIKE to lust for. It's not like a profit can't be made selling two thousand dollar steel frames.

Garth Libre in Miami Fl USA