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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 18:05:04 -0800
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  I am leaning towards having some more chrome work done, this time a bua g full of Campagnolo brake guides or "holders" as they are know.  The chr ome shop said the cost would be $5.00 each or $20 for a set of four. I have about 10 sets.   No matter what, they are still hard to come by.  The other chrome shop that charges more is the one that will do the "nickle str ip" that takes it down to bare steel.     I found out the hard way that 'chrome strip' just removes the chrom e and it is a lot of work to try to polish pitted nickle.  I hope this wa y to drop my final price as the prep work will be easier.      BT

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In the case of those small parts, I would do the polishing myself (as in YOU). Most plating shops don't deal in parts that small. Things like th at are pretty easy to polish yourself. The only thing is you will have t o have the old chrome stripped off before begining the polishing stage. If you hand that stuff to a plater as it is now, you will probably be ra ther shocked at what they would charge you. If you can figure a way to h old each piece while you polish it, you will save a boatload of money. T he polishing could be done with a Dremel tool or standard die grinder wi th the proper buffs and such.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

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Hey Guys, Does anyone have a recommendation for a chrome shop that is go od

at rechroming our itsy bitsy parts. I have accumulated a whole bagful o f n uts, bolts, springs, etc. which need to be chromed without having the st amp ings polished off. Thanks, Tom Hansen, Los Angeles, California, USA


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