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Regardless of catalogs (for example the Rexart/Masi brochure, which neve r was a real situation) the odds of the bike in question coming from the factory with DA components is unlikely. Shimano did sponsor the San Die go Bicycle Club back then; I suspect the frame was purchased and then ou tfitted with Shimano by the customer who probably got a good deal on the grouppo. That's my opinion. So technically it could be correct and orig inal; but was not delivered from the factory that way. That is a signifi cant detail to remember.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- Bob Hovey wrote:

As Brian said, Factory-equipped Masis were all-Campy prior to the late ' 70s

(probably up until at least 1985, if you trust Masi brochures). That sa id,

bare frames could be bought which you could either set up yourself or ha ve y our bike shop do it. Looking at the catalogs ( siCa talogs/MasiCatalogs.htm), it appears that Edco Competition-equipped Nuov a St radas hit the streets around 1985, and Edco Swiss Precision components w ere

available as an extra-cost option on 3V's and GC's. By 1988 you could g et a ll Masi models in a choice of various grades of Campy or Shimano (http:/ /bho

Bob Hovey
Columbus, GA USA

-- wrote:

I found a lead on a supposedly early Masi (late-70's?). Naturally I'm h


its a MC but only info so far is outfitted with early DuraAce. I checked


Fletcher's Masi site but couldn't hook-up...can someone shoot me an emai


off-list with following info?

Might MCs originally be fitted with early DuraAce? If yes, I would imag


italian Masi's exclusively Campy. What were MC serial #'s range...if that makes a difference? Any good websites (other than where this info may be found?

Thanks in advance,

Jack Romans
Sacramento, CA