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Dale, et al. I have been thinking about a post written as a non participant non attendee after viewing several of the photo streams. At first blush I was somewhat negative due to the number of builders trying to outdo the next guy by using subtle to outrageous details or paint schemes. Well, ok it's a show, where a concentration of folks go to market a product. So to see so many interpretations is a convenient thing. The problem is to separate the actually marketable items from the bling, which the average buyer can't afford in the long run. I would have to agree that Ellis and Polito won because they have a product that people want. I would hope that the others get the message and quit trying to showcase a narrow attribute of their product line. On the other hand it is good, as you pointed out, that there is such enthusiasm coming from many directions and age groups. Hope it continues in the future. Dave P

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Good report Tom, you reflect my feelings about the show too.

I am once again reinforced that the current "bike culture", while including a few unfortunate extreme types, in general is just fabulous! Imagine having relatively young folks loving and truly understanding the classic elements of bike design! What a rush! And the judging results show this.. Dave Wages of Ellis (Best Lugged Frame) and Dan Polito of Ciclipolito (Best in Show) pr ove this. Both young men are just kick-ass craftsmen with a very refined and mature sensibility...

About the judging... I was determined to be fair and broadly inclusive in th e selections, but after additional judges were rounded up and votes tallied, they drove the results you see! Although I love our selections, I am somewh at self conscious that they are very vintage-centric. But the other judges s imply saw these winners as top in the categories and so, to hell with whethe r it looks like a vintage or traditional bias! That is the way bike culture is going!

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I’ve been holding off writing until I saw what others report ed, to avoid rehashing stuff.

I’d like to first dwell a bit on the surprises there. First I was surprised at the huge variety of stuff to see. I had envisioned it as a much more narrow offering. Nearly impossible to take it all in on one viewing. Next, my biggest surprise was in the huge jump in the quality of powder coating. I have stuck my nose up so much at the old methods that I have actually given away vintage bikes that came my way with it. The powder coating at the show was terrific! I’ll bet nearly a quarter of the bikes were done that way. Apparently the care with some folks ( Spectrum) are doing it now, coupled with powder coating clear coating has brought just leaps in the visual appeal of it. Then there was the universal raves of those who rode the Shimano equipped electric shifting bikes set up there. Something really new is on the horizon folks…I know this has been tried before, but it actually works well, this time.

Lastly, there was the huge interest in traditional methods, with beautifully lugged steel bikes abounding. Some of the new builders, like Ellis, were just blowing folks away. The future of great bikes is in very good hands, indeed, with these folks. The more established guys were more than holding their own, too…especially E-Richey, Roland Della Santa (wonderful to meet him…very pleasant guy) and Mark Nobilette who jus t seems to keep making one beautiful bike after a nother.

Swag. Great Swag! Especially at the Brooks booth. Much of the freebie stuff was long gone by Sunday…huge crowds by Saturday and Sunday, I

believe they broke the Portland attendance record.

The social scene in Indianapolis is very strong. Tons of very serious young riders on fixed gear brakeless bikes ( and some classy bikes, too!) who seem gifted with nearly super human powers of doing things like track stands and speed scrubbing skids (even in the just stunning cold!) …Man, this i s the future of cycling…thank goodness for them! We found our way to a great tiny bike shop called Joe’s Bikes Saturday night and Joe kept the place open way into the wee hours entertaining us with warmth and intelligence and some really fun roller riding…and I’m not talking those rollers w here the forks are locked in place…this was the old fashioned good stuff! Some gre y haired folks even acquitted themselves with great class and élan on them.

We had some great food and some not so great food, but the company was always great. The CR crowd was out in great force (What a treat to see them more than once a year!) and the Japanese vendors were great fun to party with. Those folks seem to just enjoy all they see. What a joy to be around!

Taxis were inexpensive, too.

If you haven’t been to one of these shows, think seriously about going. It may not be Cirque, but it’ll do until June.

Tom Sanders

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