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Harvey, You absolutely need to give Peter and Brian et al the benefit of the doubt. At the time those words were spoken, there was no OS tube. I recently wrote a short blog piece about assembling an old steel frame bike from the 70's and comparing it with one tube set that begat the next tube set.. Dave P

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Brian Baylis seems to belong to a large group of fans:

I have a stash of vintage Reynolds 531 and Columbus tubes of various sor ts; but this is great news! I'll be buying more in addition to the Kaise i that I am currently exploring. That's great news for potential custom lugged steel frame purchasers, in my opinion. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I love the look and the ride of my vintage bikes with "standard" tube diameters, and there's a place for retro bikes. But, maybe I should be a contrarian; there's a conversation returning from the recesses of aged memory:

Harvey: Peter, I really love my Weigle [It's an '82 or so, with "standard" Columbus tubes].

Peter: Great! I'm glad you got it [from Peter, it was his own rider for a while]. Now, I don't know how to say this, but some folks feel that the new [oversize] tubing for lugged construction makes an even sweeter ride...

Now, we'll give Peter some plausible deniability about a long-ago conversation. And maybe one day I'll wind up better off by trading or selling the set of 531 and the set of Columbus I've squirreled away... But, it seems to valuable now for Harvey-the-amateur to use for his first frames.

harvey sachs mcLean va. And maybe I'll decide I love my "new" lugged, oversized, tapered, Serotta CSI, too. It's not that homely, particularly compared to the rider. :-)