[CR] Mark Fulton on toe overlap: MITN?

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Subject: [CR] Mark Fulton on toe overlap: MITN?


What do you mean by the abbreviation "MITN" in your PS?

Curiously yours in Alameda, CA USA,

Jon Spangler

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> Track bikes are designed to ride on tracks. Using fixed gears. There
> are no sharp turns on tracks. The bikes have very short wheelbases
> because that makes them light. And quick. That causes toe lap. If you
> plan to ride your track bike on the street, where there are sharp
> turns, you can eliminate the problem of toe lap by using a freewheel,
> not fixed gear. Just coast around the sharp corners with your inside
> pedal backward or vertical. Of course the free wheel means that you
> should use at least one brake. Okay, there are a couple of ways to
> reduce the problem of toe lap and still use a fixed gear. First, ride
> faster. If you ride through the tight turns at a higher speed, you
> lean into the turn more, and don't steer as much. Of course then your
> 170 mm cranks are more likely to cause you to hook your inside pedal
> in the turns. Second fit a road fork to your track bike. I've been
> able to actually eliminate toe lap on my Steelman track bike by
> replacing the track fork with a road fork with more rake, and using
> 165 mm cranks and medium toe clips. My racing shoes are only 8 1/2.
> (40-41) That helps too. And as I've mentioned in other threads, using
> the road fork means I can mount a front brake without drilling my
> track fork.
> Mark Fulton
> Redwood City
> California
> PS: In order to avoid confusing the above stuff any further, I
> purposely didn't mention that in velodrome sprint match races, all of
> the steering is done while the racers are standing still up on the
> banking. That's partly why one pedal is always at about 2 o'clock.
> That and because it's the top of the power stroke. (MITN.)