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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 20:57:46 -0400
From: "G L Romeu" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Track bike set up

I have one pursuit bike, 6 'western hemisphere' track bikes, and one Keirin. all date from the mid 70's to the contemporary Keirin with no toe overlap with any. Never had a problem with pedal bottoming out. The only one with some road cred is a later 80's bianchi pista, all the rest were designed for track and i rescued them for road use. I have not ridden the Nagasawa yet, just built the wheels and it is on the stand waiting. They are all larger than 61cm c-c seat tube, which may account for no issues with overlap or bottoming out (though the Keirin is standard BB height for all sizes). Rita's Tesch track frame, 52cm does have toe overlap and i am a bit apprehensive sending her out on the road with it. Had a discussion with Peter Weigle who said that in his opinion Tesch went a tiny bit overboard with the tighter wheelbase, many of his bikes had a similar issue. I went to Don Walker's seminar on track geometry at NAHBS, and he specifically designs smaller frames without overlap, and made a point of mentioning it.

indicates to me that size is a factor with overlap, and that it can be designed out...gabriel romeu chesterfield new jersey usa

> I never had toe clip overlap problems while riding either of these
> bikes on the roads. In retrospect, this surprises me. It could be
> that I was simply lucky with the specific geometries of these bikes.
> The seat tube length of each bike was around 55-56 cm (c-c) and also
> with rather high BBs which indeed helped clear the pedals around
> turns (my main concern at that time). As Ken Sanford had suggested,
> perhaps my somewhat larger sized frames were simply fortunate
> coincidences. -- G L Romeu