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If this was previously mentioned then I missed it. The TI RALEIGH TEAM PROS website is devoted to Raleigh Team bikes. It was created by list member Peter Kohl. There's lots of references to ersatz Raleighs in team kit on that site. You have to join the group to access the site.

Peter just recently started a new website for Raleigh and Carlton Pro model bikes.

Getting back to the frame in question, it has a yellow head tube which would indicate that it's a 1974 or 75 model (but it could have been painted yellow too). In 1976 Raleigh changed to a black head tube on their Team bikes.

Raleigh produced a wide variety of models for different market places around the world. They even used different model names for the same bikes depending on where they were sold. This frame appears similar to the Raleigh Grand Sport model.

Raleigh produced at least 4 or 5 different model bikes in Team kit from the cheapest "gas pipe" Record to the mid range Competition.

I remember a contest sponsored by the US soft drink company 7 Up. The prizes were Raleigh Records in team colors. We sold Raleighs in 1977 and 78. There was no control over the colors or sizes of the lower end Ralighs that were received. We got in 1 Grand Prix bike in Team kit. I've also seen the gas pipe models in blue, black and yellow instead of red.

Last fall I bought an a mint 1979 Raleigh "Record" on eBay. It's a Raleigh Competition G.S. Reynolds 531 frame in team kit with a mix of components: Suntour derailleurs, Modolo Speedy brakes, Raleigh badged SR Royal forged cranks, Cinelli 1A stem and # 65 bars, SR alloy seatpost, Selle Italia Super Turbo saddle and Normandy Luxe Competition LF hubs with Mavic tubular rims and some old Panaracer sewups.

Everything seems to be original. The seller said the he worked next door to Raleigh's US headquarters in 1979 and that they received a shipment of 100 these bikes that were destined for France.

It appears that Raleigh produced these "Records" in team kit for the Continental ~1979-1980. They are referred to as "French" records.

The bike was a steal so I can't complain except that it has ugly bent rather than curved fork blade. I think that they give the bike a harsh ride in the front.

I do have a real Ilkeston built 1974 Raleigh Team bike but it's a wall hanger so I bought this fake one to ride.

In defense of the eBay seller, I've purchased quite a few things from them over the past several years and I've always been satisfied in all respects. I agree though that they do get a little pricey on their frames.

Charles Colerich Oakland, CA

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