[CR] Ebay Outing - Ideale, Campagnolo, Cinelli, Zeus, Everest and more!

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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 02:01:05 +0000
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Subject: [CR] Ebay Outing - Ideale, Campagnolo, Cinelli, Zeus, Everest and more!

Hi CR folks, We have some cool stuff on ebay ending tommorow and some stuff ending in about a week.  Best to search by user name:  shimano99 But the following link may work too: http://ebay.com/<blah>A Sample of the listed includes: Ideale 80 saddle TA handlebar mount bottle cage Vitto? water bottle cage (very cool old retro) Zeus downtube shifters Cinelli seatpost binder bolt 3 piece for Cinelli frame Cinelli seatpost binder bolt for Schwinn Paramount and many others including Nervex lugged bikes Super Champion 1940's derailleur in very cool vintage box Everest gold chain and freewheel NOS TA handlebar support rack for centerpull brakes Campy 36 tooth chainring for Campagnolo Nuovo Record triple Stem binder bolt for old ttt stem Dustcovers for Normandy hubs Sachs Aris 8sp freewheel Cinelli chainrest widget Kit to make Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur parrallelogram including the rivets and bushings And much much more! Thanks for looking Mike Kone - Boulder CO USA Rene Herse Bicycles Inc. (303) 284-9721