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Ken,Another option worth exploring:If you have modern/off-topic/clipless shoes that you have been using, there are a couple of companies (Yellow J ersey in Madison, Wisconsin comes to mind) which make a traditional slott ed cleat that mounts onto a standard LOOK style (3-bolt) pattern. This wil l enable you to use modern cycling shoes with a platform/clips/strap pedal set-up. Matthew BowneBrooklyn, New York

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> Subject: [CR] Cycling shoes
> All the bikes I own are older than 1980 but I when on long rides I have o nly
> ever used cleats. These types of pedals don't look good on my vintage bik es
> and I have now set them up with toe clips. So, what sort of shoe is nor mally
> used? Do I just wear standard running shoes, I have checked ebay and
> everything seems to be for cleats.
> Ken Cowan
> Melbourne
> Australia
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