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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 18:39:27 -0600
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On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 5:05 PM, <> wrote:
> Just my opinion of course, but I wouldn't compromise on shoes.  I know
> many listmembers have never ridden clipless pedals and are proud of it. Â
>  This is one place where I think that other than "for show", that is fo oli
> sh pride.  Wear them at Cirque, that's fine.  But, clipless pedals
> , with the newer shoes, offer much better float, fit, and comfort than th e "
> old school" shoes.  A set of modern shoes with straps and ratchets can
> easily be loosened on that hot day when your feet swell.  I'll acknowle
> dge those among you who believe you can do the same with laced shoes, but it
>  isn't as easy and it isn't as precise. If you want to wear old style s hoes
> and clips and straps just because that is what goes with your bike or bec aus
> e you are stubborn and want to stick to what you have ridden since the si xti
> es, then I believe your choice is misplaced.  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL US
> A

The main reason I ride traditional slot cleat shoes is for comfort and efficiency. I've ridden many clipless systems, Look/Time/Speedplay/Frog/SPD/ATAC/others, and I liked them all. They all worked and I recommend them to anyone. Perhaps Lou won't believe me, or will insist that I am full of foolish pride with what he insists is my misplaced choice ;-), but I'm very comfortable and efficient in slot cleats, clips, and straps for rides up to 200 miles (the most I ride in a day, so maybe longer). I assure Lou that if I found slot cleats/clips/straps uncomfortable or inefficient, or found that any of these clipless systems improved my comfort or efficiency, I would switch immediately to one of the clipless systems I have have around. I glad that so many other cyclists have benefited from clipless and I've heard many accounts of how clipless solved comfort or efficiency issues and made cycling vastly better for them. That's great. But for me, with a lot of experience with both and finding my slot cleat shoes just as comfortable and efficient as clipless... I don't know what else I can ask of cycling shoes. I tend to tie my laces a little loose because, like Lou says, laces don't retie as easily on the fly as a micro-rachet can adjust, but this is not much of an issue with me as I can't remember wanting to loosen my shoes on the road. I've also been happy with cleatless shoes as Peter describes and have some Diadora and Sidi touring shoes designed for that, but I prefer having the slot cleat for riding any distance.

Mitch Harris
Little Rock Canyon, Utah, USA