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I probably should have included this in my original post, as to me  all of this comes down to is what each person is comfortable with, as the re are certainly no fast rules as to what is "classic".  Just as w ith the classic car note, there are degrees of what is "classic" (I'll bet there are a few '64 Alfa Romeo Spiders otherwise original but with radial tires) . I would say a "true classic" is something that is all origin al, no new paint, parts, or tires, and probably not ridable in many cases. T hen there are "100 point restorations" such as what Richard Sachs did a few years ago with his Masi - trying to bring the bike as close as possible to  original for a specific time period. And of course there is everything in between: original frame but NOS or other parts; new paint but original p arts, and on and on...everyone has a different take, especially if you actua lly want to ride the bike, or it's display only.  And how do  we bring in the bikes of the NAHBS (or some of those at the Cirque for that matter), which certainly has a huge following here,  if we a re talking "classic"?  Many old school takes but with a modern twist. B ottom line is that we all appreciate the "classic" bike and riding them, and  that's what matters. There's room for all.

Rex Gilmore Vienna, VA

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f you make an exception for clipless pedals on classic bikes, hat else is acceptable? there've been numerous other advances in bicycle technology. Some of my favourites are: linchers lastic toeclips (Christophe road style) and bottle cages P bottles ed lights ub generators ngle-adjustable brake pads a friend is a big fan of index shifting. i'd still say that using any of them would reduce the level of classicness f a bike. hile this makes my bikes rate relatively low on the classicness scale, still come here for the discussion of classic bikes and parts, ot for tuning tips on how to get my old bike to perform like a contemporar one. if classic bikes meant doing whatever you want to an old frame, e'd be discussing fixed gear conversions. Tobit Linke, Dortmund, Germany

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