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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 12:33:39 -0700
From: "Robert Goughary" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Frame Painters

I appreciate all the suggestions - some have been very good people that I w asn't previously aware of...

However - I am trying to do this thing on a very limited budget, so I'm try ing to avoid shipping it- which is why I need someone in CT. Unfortunately, we get what we pay for, so though I may save on shipping, my hopes of havi ng a good job done for 200 or less, are probably going to end up fruitless - And I'll get out the Krylon Hammer and have at it...Ouch. It might work t hough...I have a plan - I'll definately post pics when I am done...

Rob Goughary
Stamford, CT USA

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\r?\n> Joe Bender-Zanoni

\r?\n> Whitneyville, CT


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\r?\n> Hi all,


\r?\n> Can anyone recommend a good but relatively inexpensive

\r?\n> frame painter within reasonable driving distance of

\r?\n> Stamford, CT?


\r?\n> I have one frame already at Joe Bell in CA, which is not

\r?\n> going to be inexpensive, so for the "mysterybike"

\r?\n> I am currently building and scrounging parts for, I just

\r?\n> need someone to sand blast, fill in the pits, prime and

\r?\n> spray. But...I need it inexpensive, or it's getting a

\r?\n> healthy coat of rustoleum in the garage....I'm looking

\r?\n> to do get it done in the 200 dollar range if I can...(not

\r?\n> sure if that is possible)


\r?\n> Thanks


\r?\n> Rob Goughary

\r?\n> Stamford, CT USA